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Important documents of new energy have been released recently, and this sector may break out in an a

日期: 2021-12-17
浏览次数: 1

According to the speech delivered by Ren Yuzhi, deputy director of the new energy department of the national energy administration at the 2021 annual conference of China's photovoltaic industry, at present, the '14th five year plan' for renewable energy development has been printed and issued and will be made public to the public in the near future. At the conference, Wang Bohua, honorary chairman of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, said that China Photovoltaic Industry Association lowered the installed capacity forecast in 2021 from 55gw-65gw to 45gw-55gw. The reason why the development is less than expected is that the issuance of indicators lags behind and prices rise. In 2022, driven by the huge reserves of domestic photovoltaic power generation projects, the installed capacity can be increased to more than 75gw.

According to the previous announcement, the focus of the 14th five year plan for renewable energy development includes giving priority to the development of local decentralized and distributed renewable energy resources, vigorously promoting the direct and nearby utilization of distributed renewable power, heat and gas on the user side, and improving the proportion of renewable energy in regional energy supply in combination with new technologies such as energy storage and hydrogen energy. On the power side, measures such as hydropower expansion transformation, pumped storage and other energy storage facilities construction, thermal power flexibility transformation and so on are studied to improve the peak shaving capacity of the system.

Rapid development of distributed photovoltaic

At the conference, Wang Bohua pointed out that distributed photovoltaic will become a major bright spot in the future installed structure. In addition to a series of support policies issued by the state, local governments also responded positively and issued supporting policies one after another. As of October this year, China's distributed installed capacity continued to surpass the centralized installed capacity, reaching 19.03gw, accounting for 64.9%, mainly due to the policy support of subsidy scale of 500 million yuan and subsidy intensity of 0.03 yuan / kwh in the first half of the year.

Distributed photovoltaic is one of the important realization forms of photovoltaic. Since this year, it has continued to receive policy support. According to the action plan for carbon peak before 2030, by 2025, the roof photovoltaic coverage of new public institution buildings and new plants will strive to reach 50%, which is significantly higher than the previous goal. Changjiang Securities estimates that the newly-built public institution buildings and the roofs of newly-built plants are expected to add more than 42GW of photovoltaic installed capacity each year, of which the corresponding scale of photovoltaic on the roofs of newly-built plants is about 32gw and the corresponding scale of newly-built public institutions is about 10GW.

According to the statistics of securities times · databao, some photovoltaic stocks have risen rapidly since this month, and Jinkai Xinneng, Nanwang energy, Trina Solar energy, solar energy and aixu shares have all risen by more than 10%. According to the prediction of more than five institutions, the net profit growth rate of 8 shares such as Jinjing technology, Zhonghuan shares and CSG A is expected to exceed 100% this year.

9 shares were investigated by overseas institutions

According to the statistics of data treasure on the deadline of the research date, in recent 10 days, 52 listed companies have been investigated by overseas institutions, of which 9 listed companies have been investigated by more than 10 overseas institutions, Huichuan technology has the largest number of overseas institutions, a total of 229, and others have a large number of crystal optoelectronics, shunluo electronics and Angang.

Huichuan technology said in an institutional survey that the company has followed up the new energy vehicle industry chain since 2012. From the perspective of technology scalability, it comes down in one continuous line with the technology of the company's original business. After nearly five or six years of firm strategic investment, the company's new energy vehicle business has entered a better climbing stage, and has achieved rapid growth in revenue and orders since this year. The company will also continue to build comprehensive competitiveness around product function, quality and low cost.

Crystal optoelectronics said in an investigation by the agency, At present, there are few mass-produced models equipped with ar-hud (augmented reality head up display system) in the market, and the company is one of them. From the perspective of the market demand of ar-hud, with the increasing degree of intelligent driving and the improvement of driving comfort requirements, HUD, as the interface of human vehicle interaction, will become more and more important, and the coverage of ar-hud will continue to improve.

Pharmaceutical stocks are concerned by overseas institutions

According to data treasure statistics, from the perspective of distribution industry, the stocks recently investigated by overseas institutions are concentrated in mechanical equipment, medicine, biology and electronics industries, with 8, 6 and 5 respectively. Among the pharmaceutical stocks, Haier biology, Guoxin health and opcommscope research institutions rank first. The pharmaceutical equity surveyed by overseas institutions has generally performed well since January, and Guoxin health has increased by 49.32% in total. A total of four trading boards have been harvested this month. Other top gainers include international medicine, OPEC and Lizhu group.

Among the stocks investigated by overseas institutions, OPEC, Haier biology and new industry are all medical device stocks. Affected by the repeated domestic epidemic, medical device stocks generally performed well in the past week, with individual stocks rising by an average of 2.53%, and five stocks such as Jiu'An medical, Chutian technology and anxiu biology increased by more than 10%.

In terms of valuation, the valuation of research stocks of most overseas institutions is at the midstream level of the industry, and the latest valuation of some stocks is close to the lowest level in the year, including Zhangjiagang bank, CIMC group, Angang, Changshu bank and Shougang. Their latest rolling P / E ratio is no more than 10 times.

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