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China leads the world in the production and sales of new energy vehicles

日期: 2021-12-13
浏览次数: 2

Japan's Asahi Shimbun reported recently that the electric car industry is booming in China, driven by the government. According to China Research Corporation, there were about 200 electric vehicle companies in China by the end of September, 150 of which were established in the last three years. Among them are well-known technology companies such as Xiaomi.

South Korea's Joongang Ilbo newspaper reported that China is making a rapid leap forward in the global market for electric vehicle batteries. China's electric vehicle market is booming, with most Chinese battery makers doubling or more than tripling their earnings. The reality of the global ev battery market is that Japan is walking, Korea is running and China is flying.

Since sustainable development was established as a national strategy in the 1990s, China has been a firm supporter and active practitioner of the concept of sustainable development. In recent years, facing the challenges of global energy crisis and environmental pollution, China has increased efforts to explore environmental protection in the automotive sector and vigorously promoted the development of new energy vehicles.


Driven by the dual carbon goals of 'carbon peak and carbon neutral', China's new energy

vehicles have achieved a boom in production and sales. Since 2015, China's production and sales of new energy vehicles have ranked first in the world for six consecutive years, with the rapid rise of domestic brands. From a global perspective, China's new energy vehicle industry has entered the growth stage from the incubation period and become an important force leading the transformation of the global automobile industry.

The rapid development of New energy vehicles in China mainly benefits from the following two aspects. First, core technical support. China's new energy vehicles continue to innovate in key areas such as batteries, motors and electronic controls. The power battery industry chain is complete, and the battery technology level ranks among the top in the world. Second, government policy support. In recent years, relevant departments of the state have issued a number of support policies. In 2020, The State Council issued the Development Plan for The New Energy Vehicle Industry (2021-2035), which further clarified the development direction and greatly aroused people's enthusiasm to support the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

China Automobile Association recently released data showing that in the first 10 months of this year, China's production and sales of new energy vehicles were 2.566 million and 2.542 million respectively, with year-on-year growth of 1.8 times. Data released by the Passenger Association shows that From January to October 2021, China's share of new energy vehicles accounted for 51% of the global market, with a high of 61% in October. New energy vehicles have become a new engine driving China's economic growth. The rapid development of new energy vehicles is bound to bring many benefits to China. First, we will promote green economic development. The use of new energy vehicles for travel is conducive to significantly reducing carbon dioxide emission intensity and pollutant emission levels, and is of great benefit to national ecological construction and environmental improvement. Second, reduce oil dependence. Accelerating the development of the new energy vehicle industry is an important way for China to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and maintain national energy security. Third, we will promote the development of related industries. The new energy vehicle industry can not only promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry to the direction of automation and intelligence, but also drive the development of power battery industry, charging pile industry and other upstream and downstream industries.

At present, although China's new energy vehicle industry has formed a certain competitive advantage in some fields, it should be clearly recognized that the development of new energy vehicles is still in the critical period of climbing the hill. In order to seize the opportunity to achieve 'lane change overtaking', China's new energy vehicle industry must continue to make efforts in many aspects in the future.

First, we will promote technological upgrading. Only innovation, can build core competitiveness. China's new energy vehicles should follow the trend of modern network intelligence, constantly improve the intelligent data processing capacity of vehicles on the basis of improving the original technology, and strive to provide people with more intelligent and convenient travel experience.

Second, promote integrated development. China's new energy vehicles should accelerate the infrastructure construction of charging, replacing and hydrogenation, and promote the comprehensive and deep integration of automobiles with energy, transportation and information and communications, so as to optimize the energy consumption structure, improve the transportation system and the level of urban intelligence, and build a new pattern of coordinated industrial development.

Third, improve user experience. China's new energy vehicles should further improve standards and expand new functions to meet user needs according to market demand, especially user experience. Adhere to practical work, constantly create user value, so that new energy vehicles on the original basis of another level.

Fourth, expand the international market. China's new energy vehicles cannot just be 'produced and sold by themselves'. In the future, new energy vehicles should deepen international exchanges and cooperation in research and development, design, trade and investment, technical standards and other fields, actively participate in the formulation of international standards and international market competition, and seek greater international voice and international market share.


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