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Connecting the future "urban brain" with cars

日期: 2021-12-10
浏览次数: 2

Although 'electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing' have become the consensus on the future development direction of the automotive industry, in fact, this 'new four modernizations' is only the beginning of a major change in the automotive industry in a century. After the 'new four modernizations', where will the automobile industry go?

'Intelligent transportation' is the most likely answer. Intelligent transportation is a service system that makes full use of the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, automatic control, mobile Internet and other new generation electronic information technologies in the transportation field. This is not only the external requirement brought by the low-carbon society, but also the internal demand of the continuous integration of the automobile industry. In fact, more and more cross-border people and automobile enterprises are pouring into the automobile industry to transform into intelligent travel service providers... Various signs of 'de motorization' have shown that intelligent transportation is the 'next stop' for the development of the automobile industry in the future. According to the data, the scale of China's intelligent transportation market has reached 354.7 billion yuan in 2020 and is expected to reach 694.8 billion yuan in 2025, The average annual growth rate is as high as 14.39%. According to AI media consulting analysis, at present, China's intelligent transportation is basically mature in terms of technology and policy. The construction of intelligent transportation has achieved preliminary results in some cities. In the future, with the continuous promotion of the industry to the sinking market and the continuous breakthrough of technologies such as automatic driving, the intelligent transportation industry as a whole will usher in a wave of rapid growth and is expected to become a new economic growth point in China.

More importantly, after intelligent transportation, the picture of smart city will continue to unfold. As the most important part of the future smart city, intelligent transportation will not only be 'automatic driving + Intelligent Internet connection', but also 'smart car + smart road'. In this regard, China has special advantages that the United States, Germany and other traditional automobile powers do not have. With the deepening understanding of the limitations of single vehicle intelligence, China took the lead in putting forward the concept and classification of networking in the world. In addition to pursuing the 'single vehicle intelligence' of the car itself, it also pursues the construction of intelligent roads and intelligent new infrastructure, and realizes the purpose of intelligent development through the cooperation between vehicles and roads. As Miao Wei, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, said, intelligent connected vehicles are the key elements for us to build intelligent transportation and smart city. Vehicle road coordination will become a unique advantage for the development of intelligent connected vehicles in China. With the support of 5g network, cloud computing and other new generation information technologies with the largest independent networking scale in the world, and relying on the new infrastructure of smart city, vehicle road collaboration will become a key node for building intelligent transportation and smart city.

In fact, not only have a large number of traffic lights and other transportation facilities been digitally transformed in China, but also the construction of high-level automatic driving demonstration areas has been started in many areas. Intelligent transportation has been realized in specific areas such as parks, ports and mines, as well as in specific scenes such as connection, sanitation and logistics distribution, and is actively exploring the integration of vehicle, road, cloud, network and map, Deploy communication network facilities, roadside awareness and traffic infrastructure to support high-level application scenarios such as L4 level autonomous taxi, intelligent Internet connected bus and independent valet parking. In 2021, the 'dual intelligence collaboration' between intelligent networked vehicles and smart cities has taken another step forward. The State Council, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other relevant ministries and commissions have successively issued relevant policies to support the 'dual intelligence coordination', and determined Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha and Wuxi as the first batch of pilot cities.

China has not only the advantages of large-scale automobile market, but also the advantages of strong information technology and network communication strength. It will undoubtedly take the lead in the future track of global automobile industry competition. From intelligent Internet connected vehicles to intelligent transportation and then to smart cities, a picture of the future is slowly unfolding: cars running on the road will be large mobile intelligent terminals of smart cities and nerve endings of urban brains. As predicted by Luo Qingqi, a senior expert in the industry, cars are becoming a port for us to enter a larger data world. In the future, cars should be a part of the whole social automobile system and a mobile terminal under the control system of the huge traffic mobile data cloud. It can be seen that the current evolution from intelligent connected vehicles to intelligent transportation and then to smart cities has generated a huge industrial attraction in China, which will not only improve traffic efficiency and reduce traffic costs, but also become a tool for our economic upgrading under the continuous promotion of technology.

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