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Establish an outdoor empirical experimental platform to speed up the pace of "chasing light day by d

日期: 2021-12-07
浏览次数: 5

The world's first outdoor demonstration experiment platform for photovoltaic and energy storage

During the '14th five year plan' period, the national photovoltaic and energy storage demonstration experimental platform will invest about 6 billion yuan, set up 4 demonstration experimental areas for photovoltaic modules, inverters, supports and energy storage products, 2 demonstration experimental areas for energy storage system and equipment matching, and plan and arrange about 640 demonstration experimental schemes to contribute Chinese wisdom, Chinese schemes and Chinese standards to the development of global new energy.

On December 5, the reporter saw in Datong District, Daqing City, Heilongjiang province that photovoltaic panels were as deep as the sea and glittered in the sun; The monitoring tower more than 40 meters high is like a 'lighthouse in the sea', standing proudly to 'guide the voyage'. On November 19, the first phase of the national photovoltaic and energy storage demonstration experimental platform (hereinafter referred to as the demonstration experimental platform) was completed, which is also the world's first outdoor demonstration experimental platform for photovoltaic and energy storage. The first phase of the platform was completed and connected to the grid in Daqing, marking that the demonstration experimental platform began to provide demonstration, experiment, detection, certification and other services for the new energy industry and lead the development of the industry.

After the first 'national brand' new energy outdoor demonstration experiment platform was established, relying on the platform, the demonstration experiment management exhibition platform, Daqing new energy technology R & D center and Daqing new energy science popularization museum have been built simultaneously. These facilities will speed up the pace of 'chasing light day by day' of China's new energy.


Build the first 'national brand' empirical experimental platform

New energy is not only green water and green mountains, but also Jinshan and Yinshan. Photovoltaic, with the dual attributes of low-carbon and innovation, is seizing the 'highland' of new energy. At present, China is the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturing and application country, and the development potential of energy storage industry is huge. As the 'vanguard' of new energy, photovoltaic application is one of the important weapons to achieve the '3060' goal.

In recent years, with the rapid development of photovoltaic and energy storage technology, the theoretical research, technical research and development and laboratory experiment level of photovoltaic cells and modules, inverters, energy storage and other key equipment and products are constantly improving, but there are few professional and systematic studies on the actual operation of outdoor photovoltaic power generation system in China and even in the world, There are problems that the operation performance of the built photovoltaic power generation system cannot be effectively evaluated.

In this context, the construction of photovoltaic and energy storage empirical experimental platform is imminent, and China is in the forefront of the world.

The site selection of the photovoltaic and energy storage demonstration experimental platform is a 'technical activity'. According to the relevant person in charge of the State Power Investment Group upper Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Yellow River company), the demonstration experimental platform finally 'blossomed' in Daqing city because of the rich local oil reserves and the excellent development conditions of energy resources such as solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy, It can ensure high quality and carry out various empirical experiments.

At the same time, the land resources available for construction are sufficient, the terrain is flat, has the advantages of carrying out outdoor empirical experiments under the same conditions, and has the conditions for large-scale and continuous empirical experiments. In addition, the area where the empirical experimental platform is located has a variety of unused saline alkali land, water surface and other surface environments, and has rich resources for compound development and application scenarios.

Huanghe company, which undertakes the investment, construction and operation management of the demonstration experimental platform, is currently the largest photovoltaic power generation operator in the world and the only central energy enterprise in China with experience in the construction of photovoltaic demonstration base. It has a number of global firsts in the fields of photovoltaic scientific and technological innovation, multi-energy complementary technology research, new energy power station development and construction, energy storage technology research and application, It has outstanding leading advantages in related technology and management.


Strong support for new power system

Xie Xiaoping, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Huanghe company, introduced that a large number of real-time online monitoring systems have been installed on the empirical experimental platform. Through the monitoring and analysis of data such as environmental factors, power generation, components, supports and inverter operating characteristics, the actual effects of various products and system integration technologies in the outdoor are determined, so as to expand the application of the whole photovoltaic energy storage power station in the power system, Support the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body.

'Build an empirical experimental platform, carry out innovative outdoor empirical research on relevant photovoltaic equipment, energy storage products and systems in the alpine and high latitude climate environment, compare the global mainstream photovoltaic technologies and products on the same platform, and provide detailed measured data for the photovoltaic industry design, construction, equipment manufacturing, R & D and investment benefit analysis through comparative analysis of operation data Data is conducive to promoting industrial technological progress, achievement transformation and industrial development, and is also of great significance to the formulation of industrial policies and industrial standards by the state, 'said Xiao Pengjun, President of photovoltaic inspection and Certification Institute of China National Inspection and testing Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as sinoinspection group).

Wang Jixue, executive vice president of Clean Energy Research Institute of general electric power planning and Design Institute, told reporters: 'Building an empirical experimental platform is also an important measure to promote international cooperation. Based on the domestic cycle and unblocking the domestic and international dual cycle, build an all-round innovation platform for equipment innovation, technology innovation and application scenario Innovation, and carry out empirical experiments on photovoltaic and energy storage related technologies and products, which is conducive to improving the innovation ability of the whole industry, strengthening brand building and improving international competitiveness One belt, one road, China and other countries. We must strive for the international cooperation in photovoltaic and energy storage industries through the construction of China's standard system, and support the integration of photovoltaic and energy storage industries in the 'one belt and one way' to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Xiang Haiping, chief engineer of the national energy administration, believes that the national layout and construction of photovoltaic and energy storage demonstration experimental platform will provide scientific detection and control data support for the practical application effect of new technologies, new products and new schemes, and provide a scientific basis for the national formulation of industrial policies and technical standards, which is of great significance for promoting industrial technological progress, achievement transformation and industrial development.


Hundreds of empirical experimental schemes have been released

Climb on the monitoring tower of the empirical experiment platform and look into the wind, and you can have a panoramic view of the 'ocean' of photovoltaic arrays; walk through the indoor exhibition area of the empirical experiment management display platform, and the 'past and present life' of the empirical experiment platform is slowly unfolded; in the empirical experiment platform Park, the photovoltaic arrays are in various forms.

It is understood that the '14th five year plan' During this period, the demonstration experimental platform will invest about 6 billion yuan, with a total land area of more than 40 square kilometers, and set up 4 demonstration experimental areas for photovoltaic modules, inverters, supports and energy storage products, and 2 demonstration experimental areas for energy storage system and equipment matching. About 640 demonstration experimental schemes are planned and arranged, and 161 schemes have been arranged in the first phase. In the future, all kinds of demonstration of new technologies and products in that year will be added every year Experiment, create industry empirical highlights, and contribute Chinese wisdom, Chinese solutions and Chinese standards to the development of global new energy.

'Brain' as an empirical experiment , the demonstration experiment management display platform located in Daqing Zhongke Pioneer Park is equipped with domestic first-class digital, information and intelligent monitoring system, which has the functions of centralized control center and data center. It is interconnected with the on-site real-time data, real scene and information of the demonstration experiment platform located in Datong District.

The experimental demonstration platform specially uses an independent physical network and is equipped with a full set of network Network security protection equipment encrypts data transmission to ensure data information security and direct access to the National Renewable Energy Information Center. The outdoor demonstration site is also equipped with the most advanced and accurate monitoring and sensing system to ensure that the empirical data of the demonstration experiment platform is comprehensive, true, objective and reliable.

At the same time, in order to serve the development of new energy industry and promote the construction of Daqing renewable energy comprehensive application demonstration zone, the empirical experimental platform has reserved an open source port, which can gradually access more energy chain information such as 'source network load storage'.

'All the information collected on site is gathered in a square inch of the Pioneer Park, and the massive information in a small space will become a wind vane for market selection and set off a tide of industry development,' said Wang Yang, executive director of Huanghe hydropower Daqing company.

'The demonstration experiment platform has been completed and put into operation to help the development of the new energy industry in an all-round way from demonstration experiment, management exhibition, scientific and technological research and development, education and benefits. Under the guidance of the national strategy of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, we will lay a green and low-carbon foundation for promoting the high-quality development of Daqing, achieve the goal of 'double carbon' as scheduled, release new vitality and inject new kinetic energy.' Xue Zhixun, deputy director of Daqing Economic Research Center and deputy director of Energy Bureau, said.

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