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The promotion volume of new energy vehicles in Hefei in the first October has exceeded that of last

日期: 2021-11-30
浏览次数: 1

Accelerating the construction of low-carbon transportation system is a key to achieve the goal of 'double carbon'. On November 29, the reporter learned from Hefei Science and Technology Bureau that from January to October this year, 108300 new energy vehicles were promoted and applied in Hefei, far exceeding the total promotion amount of last year.

[Policy Support]

A number of policies continue to stimulate the market

Last year, the promotion volume of new energy vehicles in Hefei was 65000, while from January to October this year, the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Hefei reached 108300, accounting for about 4.2% of the national total.

At present, the scale and technical level of Hefei new energy vehicle industry 'hard power' has been continuously improved, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry has ranked the first echelon in China. At the same time, as the first batch of dual pilot cities for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in China, Hefei is also the 'leader' in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles. By October this year, the cumulative promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Hefei had exceeded 386500.

In recent years, Hefei has revised and issued several documents such as the implementation opinions on accelerating the development of new energy vehicle industry, forming a combination of 'Implementation Opinions - industrial policies - Implementation Rules'.

On the other hand, it is supported by real gold and silver. In Hefei, vehicle manufacturers selling new energy vehicles and individuals newly purchasing and registering new energy passenger vehicles in the city can obtain corresponding financial subsidies.

In order to promote the realization of the double carbon goal, relevant policies propose that new energy vehicles newly produced and sold by vehicle manufacturers will be given a one-time emission reduction reward according to the annual actual carbon emission reduction of vehicles. This policy greatly improves the enthusiasm of vehicle enterprises in production and marketing promotion.

In addition, for users of new energy vehicles, they can also enjoy many 'benefits' in terms of parking, passage and other vehicles in Hefei.


The new power exchange project plans to build 200 shared power exchange stations in Hefei

If new energy vehicles want to run 'smoothly', the construction of charging and replacing infrastructure is very important. At present, Hefei is also accelerating the construction of charging and replacement network.

By the end of October this year, Hefei had built 55000 various charging facilities, including 13000 public charging facilities, 41000 auxiliary charging facilities and 11000 special charging facilities. At present, Hefei is at the forefront of the country in the 'moderately advanced' layout of charging infrastructure for new energy vehicles, basically realizing a charging service circle of 2km in the main urban area and 5km in counties and districts.

In terms of power exchange station construction, Hefei was officially selected as the national pilot city for the application of new energy vehicle power exchange mode at the end of October this year. On November 28, three new energy enterprises, Shandong Hangwei, Anhui Hangda intelligence and Hefei Xieli instrument & control, signed a strategic cooperation contract on the 'new energy vehicle intelligent power exchange project' in Hefei high tech Zone. 'The three enterprises will work together to build 200 shared power stations in Hefei,' said Yan Heping, chairman of Shandong hangway Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Next, the provincial development and Reform Commission will also speed up the preparation and issuance of Anhui's '14th five year plan' for the development of charging and replacement infrastructure, actively promote the pilot of power exchange mode in Hefei, accelerate the construction of power exchange service network based on the principle of 'moderately advanced, intensive and efficient', and give priority to the planning and layout of power exchange stations in the fields of private, operation and network car Hailing.

[Major Projects]

Weilai automobile delivered more than 70000 new cars from January to October

The industrial agglomeration effect also accelerates the promotion and application of new energy vehicles. At present, Hefei has gathered a number of leading enterprises of new energy vehicles, such as JAC, Volkswagen (Anhui), Weilai automobile, Ankai, Chang'an, Chery (Chaohu), GuoXuan high tech, Huating power, etc., covering the whole vehicle, key parts (battery, motor, electronic control), application (bus, time-sharing leasing) Coordinated development of the whole industry chain supporting (charging and replacement infrastructure, battery recycling).

High quality projects are also pouring in. In 2020, Weilai China headquarters project was settled in Hefei, and Volkswagen acquired 50% equity of JAC and 26% equity of GuoXuan high tech, making Hefei more powerful to build a new energy vehicle capital.

From January to October this year, Weilai automobile delivered 70062 new energy vehicles, an increase of 122.9% over the same period last year. At present, 145703 vehicles have been delivered in total.

[Public Domain]

Bus operation vehicles in built-up areas of central cities are 100% motorized

At the same time, Hefei continues to increase the coverage of new energy vehicles in the public domain.

Focus on the promotion of 'gas to electricity'. At present, the bus operation vehicles in the built-up areas of central cities have been 100% motorized, and the pure electric new energy buses are gradually replacing the fuel and gas buses.

According to the '14th five year plan' for the development of new energy vehicle industry in Hefei (Draft for comments), Hefei will continue to accelerate the implementation of the 'oil (gas) to electricity' replacement plan for taxis. The goal is that by 2025, the electrification rate of buses, taxis and online car hailing in the city will reach 100%; The electrification rate of new and updated vehicles in public areas such as postal, logistics, commuting, sanitation and public affairs has reached 100%; The demonstration operation of automatic driving was carried out, and the electrification rate of passenger cars in the field of short-distance intercity and urban-rural commuting reached 100%.

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