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Dongfeng Nissan: accelerating the layout of new energy to enter the product marketing track of new r

日期: 2021-11-23
浏览次数: 1

On November 19, the 19th Guangzhou International Auto Show (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Auto Show) with the theme of 'new technology, new life' officially opened, and Dongfeng Nissan arrived with its dual brands and all models. At the exhibition, the first model of Dongfeng Nissan E-power in China was officially booked. At the same time, the big V alliance, the exclusive owner Club of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big V, was immediately established to build a communication bridge between the brand and car owners and help further explore the rejuvenation of Qichen brand. Subsequently, Xin Yu, general manager of Dongfeng Nissan Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and Zhang Maohua, director of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen marketing department, were interviewed by the media on the introduction planning of the first model of E-power in China and the changes of Dongfeng Qichen brand after its return to Nissan.


Helping to achieve the 'double carbon' goal, 10 electric drive models will be launched in 2025

The goal of 'double carbon' is a major decision made by China to achieve the internal requirements of sustainable development. This also means that automobile enterprises should accelerate the comprehensive green transformation in accordance with the requirements of green, recycling and low carbon.

As a new generation of Nissan power technology, E-power aims to enable users to enjoy the strong response, fluency and tranquility brought by the top electric drive technology without worry. Through the unique working mode of 100% fuel power generation and 100% pure electric drive, E-power innovatively realizes the advantages of retaining pure electricity without worrying about endurance anxiety. Xin Yu said: 'Dongfeng Nissan is expected to launch E-power models successively from 2022. It is expected that by 2025, we will complete the launch of 10 electric drive models, including 7 E-power models and 3 zero emission Nissan pure electric models.'

Dongfeng's first Xuanyi model equipped with E-power was also unveiled at this Guangzhou auto show. A total of three models were launched. The official guided prices were 138900 yuan for all electric drive Pro version, 149900 yuan for super Zhilian plus version and 155900 yuan for super smart drive Max version.


Accelerate the layout of ariya experience center and strengthen the 'contact' on the line

As an important part of Nissan's transformation and upgrading, Nissan will accelerate the introduction of electric drive products into the Chinese market and will bring Nissan pure electric crossover suv ariya. It is reported that Dongfeng Nissan's first ariya Experience Center (Nissan City hub) in China has settled in Art Park, Hongqiao center, Anshi, Shanghai Everbright, and will officially open in December.

In this regard, Xin Yu said: 'ariya experience center is not only a living space for ariya fans integrating brand display, advanced technology experience, product sales and user life, but also represents that Dongfeng Nissan is about to enter the new retail product marketing track at full speed and create a harmonious and different' person, car and life 'through the all-round empathy of diversified users Quality experience. Dongfeng Nissan will also accelerate the site selection and layout of ariya experience center in many places across the country. With the steady progress of ariya experience center, ariya will soon be introduced into China to meet consumers. '

In terms of channel promotion, Xin Yu said: 'the future channel model will still be based on the actual network layout. Different from the original distribution model, we are the main body of direct transaction with customers. Based on the positioning and initial location of the original brand, we also need to examine whether the models sold meet the contact demand. Therefore, we are' embracing the future new energy model ' We should adhere to the principle of 'one city, one policy', which is the offline 'contact'. But more important is the online 'contact', such as online app cluster, fan operation, user co creation, etc. online, we still need to do a good job in the operation of public domain, private domain and semi public domain. Only in this way can we better identify the future development direction. '


Build bridges and ties to build circle culture with users

Today, in a sense, a brand is no longer only owned by enterprises, but jointly owned by consumers and enterprises. Xin Yu said: 'We have established a 'Ni event' co creation platform with more than 120 head riders to invite car owners to deeply participate in the co creation of public welfare, cause, life and brand. Ni + user brand is a service brand launched by Dongfeng Nissan to achieve co creation with users. With the help of Ni +, we will build a spiritual home for tens of millions of users to open and co create, so that users can become participants in brand construction, and users can Through Ni + partner, Ni + community, Ni + mall and other projects, Dongfeng Nissan will share information, participate in brand activities, shopping and other life experiences. Dongfeng Nissan will connect users through Ni + to create a beautiful new life of symbiosis, CO creation and sharing. '

As Kai Chen, who returned to Dongfeng Nissan, this year, Kai Chen V launched its new competitive market in the most competitive compact SUV market with its outstanding performance in Yan value, intelligence and driving control. Since its listing in September 27th to the end of October, the total order of Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen V has broken rapidly. It is worth mentioning that at the Guangzhou motor show, Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen also announced the establishment of the east wind. Nissan Qichen's official car owner club, big V alliance, encourages every car owner to be his own big V.

As for the difference and promotion plan between big V alliance and Ni event, Zhang Maohua explained: 'Big V alliance is launched in response to the current structural changes of big V young people. At present, Qichen has accumulated millions of car owners, and the customer structure also tends to be younger. We hope to establish a customer circle under the leadership of Dongfeng Nissan people, cars and life, develop big V alliance first, and then invite car owners to participate in public welfare and public welfare by joining the 'Ni event' to create a platform In the co creation of career, life and brand. '

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