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Yancheng new energy industry moves towards two "2000" new blue oceans

日期: 2021-11-18
浏览次数: 1

From November 15 to 16, the global new energy field once again focused on Yancheng, the 'city of scenery' on the coast of the Yellow Sea. China New Energy Development Forum China EU offshore wind power industry cooperation and technological innovation forum was held. Focusing on the strategic goal of 'carbon peak and carbon neutralization', the forum exchanged and discussed how to continue to build a global exchange and cooperation platform in the field of new energy, especially carry out China EU offshore wind power cooperation, share innovative technologies and excellent practices, promote the high-quality development of new energy industry and jointly create a green transformation and a better future.


'Under the guidance of the new energy security strategy of 'four revolutions and one cooperation' and the goal of 'double carbon', Yancheng adheres to facing the sea, developing to the sea and enabling the future, becoming a model of green transformation, vigorously developing new energy industry and striving to build a green energy demonstration city with global influence and national benchmark.' Cao Lubao, Secretary of Yancheng Municipal Party committee, said in his speech, 'the 14th five year plan' During this period, Yancheng will make every effort to promote the new energy industry towards two '2000': by 2025, the installed capacity of new energy will reach 20 million KW, of which the installed capacity of offshore wind power will exceed 11 million KW; The scale of new energy equipment manufacturing industry has reached more than 200 billion yuan, of which offshore wind power equipment manufacturing will strive to reach 100 billion yuan, and strive to contribute more to the development of global clean energy.


It is not only the city of 'scenery', but also the pioneer of 'carbon' road

New energy is the leading industry of Yancheng City. As a practitioner of the 'double carbon' goal, Yancheng systematically, large-scale and intensively develops 'scenery' resources in the role of China's 'carbon' road pioneer, which brings not only clean energy, but also a 100 billion scale industrial cluster.


Relying on rich scenery resources, complete new energy industry chain and good investment and business environment, Yancheng has become one of the representative cities with the most development potential of China's new energy industry. The 'high value' of ecological environment interacts with the 'high quality' of economic development. By the end of October, Yancheng's installed capacity of new energy had reached 10.39 million KW, accounting for 26.8% of Jiangsu Province. It is the first 'ten million KW new energy power generation city' in the Yangtze River Delta. In particular, the new energy industry represented by wind power has a strong momentum, and the installed capacity of wind power has reached 7.8 million KW.


'We have not only become the 'vanguard' in the development of offshore wind power in China, but also provided a practical model for global offshore wind power cooperation. Now, Yancheng's new energy power generation has accounted for more than 60% of the power consumption of the whole society, and is truly a global green energy city.' Zhou Bin, deputy secretary of Yancheng Municipal Party committee and acting mayor of Yancheng, proudly said that in the new energy industry projects, technology R & D and application In the fields of data co construction and sharing, Yancheng looks forward to carrying out more extensive international exchanges and cooperation and allowing more technologies, projects and capital to settle in Yancheng.


At the China new energy development forum, Yancheng and CRRC signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will cooperate in the fields of wind power equipment manufacturing, wind and scenery resources development, new energy public transport and so on. During the conference, 23 new energy industry projects in Yancheng were intensively signed, with a total planned investment of 61.9 billion yuan. The projects involved wind power equipment, photovoltaic equipment, energy storage, hydrogen energy, smart energy and other fields, covering the whole new energy industry chain, and 11 counties (cities and districts) achieved full coverage of signed projects.


Build demonstration samples and carry out wider international cooperation

Europe is the birthplace of offshore wind power, and China is one of the countries with the fastest development of offshore wind power. 'China and the EU have obvious complementary advantages in the energy field, especially in new energy, and there are broad prospects for cooperation,' Ren Jingdong, deputy director of the national energy administration, said in his video speech. Yancheng is one of the prefecture level cities with the largest installed capacity of offshore wind power and the most complete industrial chain in China. At present, Yancheng has established a normalized cooperation and exchange mechanism with Germany, France, Britain, the Netherlands and other countries, and European leading enterprises such as elm, ZF and poly Tech have set up R & D, production and testing bases in Yancheng.


Promote transformation and leap forward, and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. In the future, Yancheng will promote the 'three chain integration' of innovation chain, industrial chain and value chain, and create a demonstration sample of China EU industrial cooperation.


Angela Wilkinson, director general and CEO of the World Energy Council, was invited to deliver a keynote speech to the forum by video. She believes that Yancheng is the first city in the Yangtze River Delta with an installed capacity of more than 10 gigawatts of new energy. This is a new model of intelligent comprehensive energy ecosystem dominated by cities. Yancheng is welcome to become a member of the world energy community.


Dream Blue Ocean, offshore wind power, Yancheng

The proposal of the 'double carbon' goal has brought great opportunities for the development of new energy industry. At present, offshore wind power in offshore areas is becoming more and more saturated, and offshore wind power development in deep and offshore areas has become an important direction of offshore wind power development because of its characteristics of higher wind speed, larger wind turbines and smaller environmental impact. Yancheng is advancing towards a deeper and farther ocean, striving to build a 10 million kilowatt offshore wind power demonstration base, and strive to realize 'China's wind power looks at the sea and offshore wind power looks at Yancheng'.


'It is suggested to take the eastern region as the key area of new energy layout, which is conducive to ensuring national energy supply and energy security.' in Cao Lubao's view, China's energy supply and energy demand have been inversely distributed for a long time, which will inevitably lead to large-capacity and long-distance energy transmission. The west to East power transmission and west to east gas transmission will not only cost high investment, but also cause considerable energy transmission loss. The eastern coastal areas have great potential for the development of new energy resources such as wind energy, light energy and tidal energy, and have great demand and consumption of energy. The eastern region can be regarded as a key area for the development of new energy, further improve the energy self-sufficiency rate, optimize the pattern of energy supply and demand, realize the eastern use of electricity and ensure energy security. '


Yancheng has vast marine space and rich marine resources. Its coastline length and sea area rank first in Jiangsu Province. The installed capacity of offshore wind power accounts for 1 / 3 of the country and nearly 1 / 10 of the world. The utilization rate of green power in the city has exceeded 60%, and it is fully capable of making greater contributions to energy supply and energy security in the eastern region.'


The wind comes from the sea and the tide is setting sail. As an enterpriser and a leader, Yancheng is striving to build a 10 million kilowatt offshore wind power demonstration base, a photovoltaic comprehensive application demonstration base, a world-class new energy industry cluster, a hydrogen energy storage demonstration base and a national new energy innovation and development demonstration city. An international green energy city is rising rapidly.

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