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The first batch of new energy vehicle battery retirement tide is coming, but recycling enterprises "

日期: 2021-11-16
浏览次数: 1

According to the data of 2018, the total amount of decommissioned power batteries in that year reached 74000 tons, but only about 5000 tons of power batteries were recycled by the first five 'white list' enterprises in China, and the other 60000 tons of power batteries were 'unaccounted for'.


It will cost about 60000 yuan to replace a new battery. 'With more money, you can buy a new car directly.' this makes Liu Gong, the owner of new energy, a little 'meat pain'. After all, the price of this new energy vehicle five years ago was only more than 100000 yuan after subsidies.


The mileage of this car has exceeded 150000 kilometers. The range of 300 kilometers originally advertised 'can't even run half now'.


After testing, the power battery capacity of the car has been reduced to less than 70%. Liu Gong can only replace the battery at his own expense because it has exceeded the warranty period of 8 years or 150000km promised by the manufacturer.


How much can old batteries be depreciated? The plan given by the 4S store is very disappointing. If the 4S store buys back, it is 'almost free'. The staff said 'you can handle it yourself', but how do you handle it yourself? Liu Gong was at a loss.


The recycling of waste batteries of new energy vehicles is only a small problem encountered by Liu Gong in his life, but it is a major issue that must be solved in the development of China's new energy vehicle industry.


With the help of policies, capital and other forces, China's new energy vehicle industry has been running all the way in recent years. According to the latest data of China Automobile Industry Association, from January to October this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China were 2.566 million and 2.542 million respectively, with a cumulative sales penetration rate of 12.1%. This means that for every 8 vehicles sold in China, one is a new energy vehicle.


While the production and sales of new energy vehicles are booming, the power batteries of the first batch of new energy vehicles put into the market are facing 'retirement'. According to the data, it is estimated that the cumulative decommissioning of power batteries in China will be close to 800000 tons by 2025.

How to deal with retired batteries has become an urgent development problem for the new energy vehicle industry. Driven by the goal of 'double carbon', battery recycling has become a new industrial outlet. Facing the huge potential market scale, how to do a good job in battery recycling and improve the level of resource recycling? What are the 'blocking points' of the industrial chain that still needs to be improved?


Relevant policies still need to be refined and implemented

Guo Wenhui took the 'double carbon' goal as an opportunity. 'One of the goals of the power battery recycling industry is to reduce carbon emissions. The more power batteries the industry recycles, the fewer new batteries it manufactures and the less carbon emissions it emits'.


Xie Shaozhong also believes that under the background of 'double carbon', the new energy vehicle industry will usher in further development, and the resulting large number of retired power batteries will also embark on the road of standardized treatment, which means great market potential for relevant enterprises; At the same time, he also hopes that in the future, with the gradual maturity of carbon trading market and other relevant mechanisms, standardized enterprises can take the lead in the 'carbon' economy.


Zhang Qinhong said that under the 'double carbon' goal, the value of the power battery recycling industry should not be measured just in front of us. 'In the current market environment, the environmental protection value of the industry has not been reflected, resulting in the industry's seemingly weak competitiveness. However, as a 'carbon reduction' industry, its future industrial value will gradually appear, which requires appropriate guidance and support from policies,' he said.

In addition, the rapid development of new energy electric vehicle industry in the future will tighten the constraints on battery raw material resources such as lithium, cobalt and nickel. '


China's Cobalt resources are in short supply, 95% of its demand depends on imports, and most of them are used to manufacture power batteries.' Zhang Qinhong believes that under this situation, the development of power battery recycling industry It is more important to promote the recycling of battery metal raw materials and reduce the dependence on source mineral resources.


At present, relevant departments have successively issued a number of policy documents, pointing out the direction for the power battery recycling industry.

In early July this year, the national development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions jointly issued the notice on printing and distributing the '14th five year plan' for the development of circular economy, put forward the action of recycling waste power batteries, strengthen the construction of new energy vehicle power battery traceability management platform, and improve the traceability management system for the recycling and utilization of new energy vehicle power batteries.


 On August 19, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other five departments jointly issued the management measures for echelon utilization of power batteries of new energy vehicles, encouraging upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry to strengthen information sharing.

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