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Dong Changzheng: Toyota actively helps to achieve the "double carbon" goal and continues to enhance

日期: 2021-11-16
浏览次数: 1

Xinhua Shanghai, November 8 (Yang Yang) since September last year, China's 'double carbon' goal vision has attracted much attention. This big test will also have a broad and profound impact on the automobile industry and put forward new requirements for future development.


As a large international auto company that has been deeply involved in China for many years, Toyota continues to update new energy technologies and steadily promote the production of environmentally friendly vehicles in the process of promoting the realization of the 'double carbon' goal. At the China International Import Expo, Toyota unveiled a number of new hydrogen energy vehicles and pure electric vehicles, four of which will contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games.


On the same day, Dong Changzheng, senior executive vice general manager of Toyota China, was interviewed by Xinhua motor to express Toyota's vision of actively practicing the 'double carbon' development goal and hoping to provide more low-carbon travel schemes for Chinese consumers. Combined with his own feelings, he talked about the new changes in China's investment environment and development opportunities in recent years.


Provide new environmentally friendly vehicles for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

This year is the fourth consecutive year for Toyota to participate in the Expo. Dong Changzheng can remember the scene when he participated in the first Expo. He said that over the past four years, Toyota has continued to explore and practice cutting-edge technologies. The cutting-edge technologies displayed by Toyota in the first China International Fair have now been mature and applied to different models.


In 2022, facing China, Toyota will mainly undertake the two major tasks of actively contributing to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games and the practice of the 'double carbon' goal. As one of the sponsors of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Toyota will provide a variety of transportation service models:


The hydrogen fueled FCEV Mirai II can complete hydrogenation in a short time and realize long-distance driving. Only water is discharged during driving and 'zero emission' is practiced;


Toyota bz4x model equipped with high-performance battery is expected to achieve the effect of one-time charging for one week. It can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes on a 150 kW fast charger. The roof solar panel can also absorb heat and convert it into vehicle kinetic energy;


The hydrogen fuel commercial vehicle Kodak hydrogen engine welfare vehicle can realize that up to four wheelchair passengers can ride at the same time. Wheelchair passengers do not need to move from the wheelchair. As long as they are pushed onto the lifting platform set at the rear, they can be directly transported to the vehicle by the lifting platform;


SANA welfare version is equipped with welfare seats on the basis of SANA luxury model, which can realize the automatic rotation and lifting of the second row of independent seats, which is convenient for people with mobility disabilities.

Dong Changzheng introduced that Toyota strictly implements the annual plan and has a clear plan for the future.


Toyota will face the Chinese market, further expand the lineup of new electric models including HEV, PHEV, EV and FCEV, and launch hydrogen fuel vehicles to achieve carbon neutralization through these products, 'The ultimate goal of carbon neutralization is energy conservation and emission reduction. For the automotive industry, it is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Whether Toyota launches pure electric vehicles, hydrogen energy vehicles, hybrid vehicles or other types of vehicles, the ultimate goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and meet the diverse needs of different users,' Dong Changzheng said.


Personally feel the continuous optimization of China's business environment

At present, China's new development pattern is providing more opportunities for the world. Opening up is becoming a distinctive logo of contemporary China, and the holding of the China International Fair is a vivid interpretation of this logo.

It has been nearly 20 years since FAW Toyota was jointly established by FAW and Toyota in 2003. Looking back on the 20-year development process, Dong Changzheng said with emotion that he has more and more deeply felt the openness and inclusiveness of China's market environment, the good and efficient cooperation and the optimization of investment and business environment.


Dong Changzheng, for example, said that today, the customs clearance efficiency of Toyota Motor vehicles is at least twice as high as before, and the overall time for vehicles produced in Japan to be transported to Chinese dealerships is greatly shortened; in addition, Toyota China's online sales channels have also been quickly reviewed due to the expansion of its business scope; in terms of investment and plant construction, it was necessary to fill in a number of inspection reports in the past, but now The filing system is adopted to greatly improve the reporting efficiency.


The cooperation between Toyota and China's two major partners, FAW and GAC group, is also advancing in an orderly manner. Dong Changzheng told Xinhua motor that the two joint ventures continued to produce, develop and sell a variety of models based on the principle of user first, and achieved gratifying results. Including Lexus, Toyota's cumulative sales in China reached 1.8 million last year.


Dong Changzheng said that the rising sales performance enables the position of the Chinese market to be upgraded in Toyota's strategic planning. In the future, Toyota will further strengthen its cooperation with the two partners and launch targeted design models according to the car purchase preferences of Chinese consumers. '


Nowadays, the first concept car of the new pure electric exclusive series Toyota BZ, Toyota bz4x concept, will shine on the scene. By 2025, five new cars of the pure electric exclusive series Toyota BZ will be produced in FAW Group and GAC group respectively. In addition, some electric vehicles will also be put into production in two joint ventures.


In view of the current wave of intelligence, Chinese consumers will buy cars Regarding the sense of science and technology as an important factor, Toyota will also continue to make efforts in intelligence and plans to build an independent intelligent R & D system in China, 'Dong Changzheng said.

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