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The new battery structure makes flying cars possible, and related technologies will appear in the Be

日期: 2021-11-08
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Electric vehicles equipped with all climate batteries will appear at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Field fleet tests conducted in severe cold areas for three consecutive years have fully verified the performance and service life of this new battery.

'The problem of low temperature resistance of lithium batteries has been solved.' this battery technology is from Wang Chaoyang, an academician of the national inventor's Academy of Sciences and a scientist in power cell, energy storage and fuel cell technology. On November 6, Wang Chaoyang pointed out at the Tencent we conference that energy storage technology is the key core technology to achieve the 'double carbon' goal and the energy revolution, which is of great strategic significance.

New battery technology often becomes the key to the rise of new industries. However, the battery structure has not changed much in the past 200 years. It consists of three materials: negative material, positive material and electrolyte separating the two.

This structure naturally forms two interfaces: one exists between the positive material and the electrolyte, and the other between the negative material and the electrolyte. There is a potential difference between the two interfaces, which gives the voltage of the battery.

'No matter whether we are using the battery or not, the reaction interface in the battery has been working diligently and actively.' Wang Chaoyang said, which is also the root cause of potential safety hazards and aging of the battery.

Lithium-ion batteries are so resistant to the cold that electric cars can stumble in winter: shorter range and difficulty recharging. The battery material itself can not meet the requirements of low temperature, high activity and high temperature stability at the same time. Engineers should add a set of thermal management system to the battery to ensure the safety of the battery. In this way, the weight, volume and cost of the battery will be increased.

Is there a battery that can turn off the reaction interface when it is not working to improve safety; When working, increase and strengthen the interface to give the required high power?

Wang Chaoyang's team has been looking for and exploring this kind of battery with adjustable interface. They have invented an all climate battery, which is published in the journal Nature. Without increasing the flammability of electrolyte and changing the thermal stability of electrode materials, they implanted a 10 micron thick nickel foil into the battery as a heater. Using the energy of the battery and a switch, the activity of the battery can be controlled at will. Even if the battery is frozen in the environment of minus 30 ℃, it only takes 30 seconds to heat itself to above zero and work normally.

This technology has been adopted by the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and has become one of the core technologies driving Olympic electric vehicles.

Adding a piece of nickel foil sounds quite simple. Wang told Science and Technology Daily that there is a tortuous exploration process behind it. The team has tried a variety of methods and materials: some have poor safety, some have low energy conversion efficiency, some have done very well in the laboratory, but they still can't do it in industrialization... '


After more than 20 years, my own feeling is that simplicity is beauty. Scientific discoveries of real practical value are ultimately extremely simple.' Wang sighed, 'Innovation requires persistence and perseverance. For so many years, our team has been tracking the problems of batteries and energy storage.'


Based on the principle of thermal regulation, the team also invented a 10 minute fast charging battery. Wang Chaoyang believes that the application and promotion of 10 minute fast charging battery is an important milestone in the development of electric vehicles - fast energy supplement can let electric vehicle owners get rid of mileage anxiety.

Wang Chaoyang's dream is to take a flying car to work before retirement. In an interview with science and technology daily, Wang Chaoyang pointed out that the biggest technical problem in flying cars is the battery. Flying cars have high requirements for batteries. It must quickly replenish the battery after each landing. 'At present, our experiments have confirmed the feasibility and economy of 10 minute fast charging battery for flying vehicles.'

In fact, fast battery charging and high energy density are major scientific problems. Wang Chaoyang believes that the real solution should be reviewed by peers, published in scientific journals, verified and repeatable by a third party, and then the market gives a mass production plan. 'This is the spectrum.' He stressed that batteries and energy storage are one of the most important basic technologies in the new energy era and intelligent society, and will usher in huge innovation opportunities in the next decade.

Since 2013, the Tencent we conference has been held for 9 consecutive sessions, and nearly 80 world top scientific researchers have been invited to the stage. Wang Chaoyang said that the we conference provides a platform for scientists to understand how the technologies that have happened, are happening and will happen in the future affect the progress of civilization.

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