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Global new materials international efficiently enters the field of new energy

日期: 2021-11-04
浏览次数: 1

On October 27, globegroup New Materials International (06616. HK), which has two new materials in the consumption field of pearlescent materials and synthetic mica, announced that it had established a 'new energy battery material laboratory' with Zhejiang University, which is another important information for globegroup new materials international to enter the new energy field after the joint R & D center with Zhejiang University was unveiled on September 26.

The company entered the field of efficient new energy and received high attention from market funds. Previously, global new materials, whose share price fluctuated from high to the bottom of the range, quickly ushered in a strong rally of five consecutive Yang, with a cumulative increase of 38.43% as of the closing on October 28. Among them, the single day increase on October 28 was close to 11%, and the transaction volume doubled compared with the previous trading day; On October 29, the company's share price rose by 10.2% again, and the transaction capital was 1.6 times larger than that on October 28.

At present, the stock price trend of global new materials shows an obvious upward trend of large-scale acceleration, and this may be just the beginning.

The in-depth research cooperation between globegroup new materials international and Zhejiang University has brought substantial progress to the company's new energy materials.

Su Ertian, chairman of the school of materials science and engineering of Zhejiang University, put forward a clear direction for deepening scientific research cooperation between the two sides. Zhu Tiejun, President of Zhejiang University, also said that the school of materials science and engineering of Zhejiang University has a first-class research team in the field of materials and is willing to maintain close cooperation with global new materials international, build a world-class joint R & D platform for new materials and intelligent manufacturing, and carry out high-performance surface materials Research and development of materials and intelligent manufacturing technology related to the three industrial chains of synthetic mica and new energy materials, so as to achieve the win-win goal of comprehensive technology upgrading and rapid product industrialization.

It is understood that the 'new energy battery material laboratory' established by global new materials international and Zhejiang University has built a complete new energy battery material research and development function room such as substrate processing room, surface treatment room and material preparation room, and is equipped with advanced experimental instruments and equipment. Based on the frontier of new energy battery materials, the laboratory will focus on the key materials restricting the development of new energy vehicle industry, such as insulation system based on synthetic mica and battery diaphragm materials, focusing on the battery performance optimization and safety problems that need to be solved in the technical field of new energy battery materials.

In recent years, the strong growth of the new energy vehicle market has driven the rapid development of new energy batteries. High-tech synthetic mica may be an excellent diaphragm material and insulation material for new energy batteries.

Because the performance, service life and safety of lithium-ion battery are the three most critical aspects of the battery, which are closely related to the temperature of the battery. Therefore, how to ensure the safe operation of lithium-ion battery at appropriate temperature, that is, battery thermal management and thermal safety, has become a crucial research topic of lithium-ion battery.

Synthetic mica is an inorganic non-metallic two-dimensional sheet material with excellent insulation, heat resistance, fire resistance, corrosion resistance and processability. It is an excellent proton conductor, and its proton permeability is 100 times that of graphene. These characteristics make it have good development prospects in the field of battery diaphragm. It can also be processed into various flame retardant protective plates, three-dimensional thermal insulation firewalls, battery boxes, etc. suitable for lithium batteries.

Experiments show that the product developed with synthetic mica as the base material has a puncture resistance of 20kV / mm, a heat-resistant temperature of more than 1000 ℃, no deformation, and a bending strength of 200MPa. Its performance far exceeds that of plastic flame retardant plates commonly used in the current market. It has excellent performance in battery thermal management and thermal safety, and can effectively prevent the spread of heat transfer, The battery pack lined with synthetic mica is much better than the current conventional battery pack in terms of insulation, fire protection, explosion protection and corrosion protection.

In addition, at low temperature, the research progress of battery pack heating is relatively slow. Technically, it is more difficult to realize electric vehicle battery pack heating than battery pack cooling. Therefore, battery insulation is particularly important at low temperature. The excellent thermal insulation performance of synthetic mica can play an important role here.

As an important part of new energy battery, diaphragm and insulation parts have a huge application market space.

It is understood that the diaphragm is one of the four major materials for lithium batteries. The diaphragm is a porous film used to isolate the positive and negative electrodes to prevent short circuit caused by positive and negative electrode reaction in the event of ionization reaction, but does not affect the passage of lithium ions through the film. Its performance and quality directly determine the battery charge and discharge efficiency, cycle life, battery capacity and safety performance. The cost ratio of diaphragm in battery is generally about 8% - 10%.

The data show that the global demand for lithium diaphragm will be close to 6 billion Ping in 2020, and the global demand is expected to reach 18 billion Ping in 2025, three times the scale in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of nearly 25%, belonging to the high-quality track in the middle reaches of lithium battery. Professional organizations estimate that by 2025, the global profit space of base film is expected to reach 4.86 billion yuan and that of coated film is about 6.3 billion yuan. Therefore, the overall net profit space of diaphragm industry alone is expected to reach about 11 billion yuan.

At the same time, pack structural parts including connectors, insulating parts (sealing rings, insulating parts, etc.), shell (module shell, system shell) and other auxiliary materials are also an important part of power battery. On the whole, all pack structural parts account for about 5% of the cost of battery system, and the market potential of insulating and insulating parts can not be underestimated.

At present, with its leading technology and scale, globegroup new material international is destined to ride on this track.

Technology and scale advantages continued to expand, and dividend cashing accelerated

In terms of technology, the data show that in the R & D field of synthetic mica, the company is the only enterprise in the industry to master complete core technology. Thanks to the technical research and development of global new materials, the previous problems such as insufficient control stability, low insulation performance and brittleness have been solved. Therefore, the production of high-quality synthetic mica has been localized, and various quality indicators are still in the lead in the world. In addition, Zhejiang University has leading research strength in the field of materials science, and the two sides cooperate with each other, which will fully realize technological upgrading, accelerate the pace of mass production, further extend the application field of synthetic mica and block the new energy track.

In terms of scale, global new material is the only high-quality synthetic mica manufacturer that can produce in large scale and expand production capacity. In 2020, the company's pearlescent pigment production capacity is close to 15000 tons and the synthetic mica production capacity is close to 10000 tons, with obvious scale advantages. Moreover, the company is building phase II plant. In the future, 30000 tons of pearlescent pigment production capacity and 30000 tons of synthetic mica production capacity will be gradually released.

In general, as an important part of new energy batteries, synthetic mica has the characteristics of high-quality insulation and heat insulation, or will become an excellent diaphragm material and insulation material for new energy batteries. When the prosperity of the new energy track is at a high level, global new materials international enters the R & D of new energy materials, which is in line with the development trend of the industry.

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