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Dezhou, Shandong: aim at "unlimited scenery" and seize the new energy track

日期: 2021-11-04
浏览次数: 2

Recently, the reporter drove about 15 kilometers eastward along the urban area of Dezhou, Shandong Province. A huge and special 'Lake' came into view. The 'floating bridge' array composed of groups of solar panels is quite spectacular on the water surface of the 8000 mu Dingzhuang reservoir. On the bank, nearly 100 workers are transporting the photovoltaic panel array to the center of the lake and anchoring it through concrete caissons.

'Dingzhuang reservoir is the water source for thermal power generation of Huaneng Dezhou Power Plant. The water photovoltaic project can realize three-dimensional application, which can not only reduce the water temperature, improve the thermal power efficiency, but also reduce the evaporation of water. At present, 100000 kW photovoltaic in bid section 1 of phase I of photovoltaic power generation has been put into full capacity and connected to the grid on August 15, generating about 12 million kwh a month. Bid section 2 and phase II projects are in full swing It is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year, 'said Wu Peisen, deputy director of new energy department of Huaneng Dezhou Power Plant.

Huaneng Dezhou Dingzhuang reservoir 200MW photovoltaic power generation project was included in the first batch of photovoltaic affordable grid connection projects in 2019 by the national development and Reform Commission and the national energy administration. After completion, it will become the largest single surface floating photovoltaic power station in the world. The Huaneng Dezhou Dingzhuang wind energy storage integrated power generation project packaged with Dingzhuang wind power 100MW project is listed as a major construction project in 2020. It is understood that after the project is completed, it can provide 221 million kwh of electric energy every year, save 67700 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emission by about 217700 tons, reduce sulfur dioxide emission by about 6500 tons, reduce nitrogen oxide emission by about 32700 tons and reduce soot by 59400 tons.

Dezhou's new energy industry started earlier and has many business cards, such as 'China Sun City', 'national torch plan new energy characteristic industry base', national new energy demonstration city and so on. Dezhou actively practices the concept of green development, vigorously promotes the development and utilization of new energy, and strives to find a comprehensive and integrated development and utilization path integrating wind power, photovoltaic and biomass.

On September 1, the launching ceremony of the Three Gorges new energy Qingyun energy storage power station demonstration project was held in Qingyun county. As the first batch of energy storage demonstration projects in the province, the project has a planned total capacity of 300MW / 600mwh. The first phase of 100MW / 200mwh energy storage system and a 220kV booster station are planned to be put into operation by the end of this year.

'Qingyun county is adjacent to the three major seaports of Tianjin, Huanghua and Binzhou. The Bohai Sea has brought abundant wind energy to Qingyun. In 2014, the first wind power project in Dezhou was settled in Qingyun. In seven years, Qingyun has put into operation seven wind farms, with a new energy installed capacity of 529.27 MW, accounting for 95.49% of the total installed capacity. In 2020, the county will realize 'green power' supply in more than 70% of the whole year.' According to Wang Zhiguang, director of Qingyun county development and Reform Bureau, as of August, the county's new energy power generation reached 706 million kwh this year, which is 1.46 times the social power consumption of the county. On the basis of meeting its own 'green power' supply, it also supplies Binzhou, Leling and other surrounding areas.

This year, Dezhou high tech Industrial Development Zone (Yucheng) was approved as the first batch of national and the only green industry demonstration base in the province. A few days ago, the reporter saw in Shandong intelligent green industry base located in Tongyu heavy industry plant of Yucheng City that a complete wind power machine just off the production line was transported to the wind power plant for installation. Previously, Yucheng could not complete the production of the whole machine. Tongyu heavy industry needed to transport the produced wind turbine spindles and castings and forgings weighing several tons to the General Assembly bases all over the country. The logistics cost of a whole machine alone increased by more than 20000 yuan. 'The wind power spindles produced by Tongyu heavy industry have strong technical advantages, and we have the most advanced wind power machine control technology in China. Since January this year, we have jointly built this green industrial base. We purchase the core components and modular products produced by Tongyu heavy industry, complete the assembly before leaving the yard, and attract more wind power industry accessories enterprises to form a agglomeration effect 'Yes,' said Chen Min, manager of investment and Development Department of Zhejiang Yunda wind power group.

Dezhou has actively introduced Dongfang Electric, Zhejiang Yunda and other wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises, integrated local Tongyu heavy industry, Shuangyi technology, Shandong greede and other wind power parts enterprises, realized the 'made in Dezhou' of the whole wind power equipment chain, and formed the whole wind power industry chain cluster. Based on a large agricultural city, actively promote the diversified development of biomass thermal power, solidification, gasification and liquid fuel. At present, there are 15 biomass power generation enterprises (including 7 waste power generation enterprises) in the city. In the first three quarters of this year, the cumulative installed capacity of new energy power generation in the city reached 5.06 million KW, ranking third in the province; The power generation capacity of new energy is 6.7 billion kwh, accounting for 31.8% of the power consumption of the whole society, ranking first in the province.

According to the urban brand work plan of 'China's new energy capital' being implemented in Dezhou, Dezhou will accelerate the promotion of the industrial chain from 'short' to 'long', the industrial level from 'low' to 'high', the industrial layout from 'scattered' to 'set', and rely on leading enterprises to build a new energy industrial cluster with complete chain, close supporting cooperation, accurate factor allocation and significant scale effect. By the end of 2022, the number of Enterprises above Designated Size in the new energy industry will increase from 22 to 30, and the revenue will increase from 2 billion yuan to 4 billion yuan.

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