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Morning Institutional Strategy: the structural market is still on the way, focusing on new energy an

日期: 2021-11-03
浏览次数: 1

Central Plain securities pointed out that the core assets have been falling in turn recently, and the stock indexes of the two cities have been moving downward. Industries such as military industry, food and beverage, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, etc. , can not effectively rally their popularity, shanghai index is expected to compete for the line repeatedly in the future more likely, the proposal to pay close attention to the policy and financial changes.


Soochow securities believes that the market has adjusted downward due to unexpected news, but the Shenzhen Composite Index, GEM, etc. have not shaken off the shock, breakthrough direction has not yet been determined, need to be cautious but also not yet completely pessimistic time. The current market, on the one hand, must continue to grasp the opportunity of the main line, but also pay attention to the possibility of switching between high and low. For the low-valued varieties that are oversold, as long as the growth rate of performance can still be maintained, there are good investment opportunities in your current position.


CITIC Securities said that there are multiple positive factors in infrastructure investment between the end of this year and the beginning of next year, including the requirements for the formation of physical workload, the logic of stable growth and counter-cycle, sufficient sources of funds, greater flexibility in investment projects, etc. , growth in infrastructure investment is expected to rebound by the end of the year. For the bond market, the broad fiscal, credit environment or will suppress the performance of interest rate bonds, city investment bonds or will usher in a moderate decline in the opportunity. For the stock market, opportunities in both the traditional and green infrastructure sectors may be worth focusing on.


Haitong securities pointed out that from the technical trend and other factors such as political geography, the index for the time being a good performance, but the structural market will continue to focus on new energy and consumer electronics. In the context of carbon-neutral, in order to achieve the 2060 carbon-neutral goal, the new energy industry chain will be the future high prosperity industry. Lithium battery, photovoltaic, energy storage, wind power and other plates, the future or repeated active, low-absorption high-throw. The pessimistic expectations of the consumer electronics sector have been fully reflected, negative pressure factors began to eliminate, the industry chain is expected to improve in the fourth quarter quarter, focusing on the transition to automotive electronics companies.


On the macro level, Huatai Securities believes that China’s current economic cycle is in the top turning downward position, and will continue to be in the bottom turning upward position for the next year, and that the liquidity cycle is in the bottom turning upward position, and continued upward easing over the next year. Based on the analysis of the economic cycle and liquidity cycle in Chinese market, Huatai Securities concluded that the economic cycle is going down and liquidity is loose, bonds have performed best for most of the time, commodities may be weaker than the previous two years, there are periodic opportunities for stocks, in which the financial sector may have an excess return performance, the growth sector may benefit from liquidity easing also have periodic opportunities.

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