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Solve the problem of energy supplement for new energy vehicles

日期: 2021-11-02
浏览次数: 1

At present, China's economy maintains a stable recovery trend, and new industries are rising and growing. Among them, the new energy vehicle industry has attracted particular attention. The development of new energy vehicle industry can drive the rise of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and also needs corresponding infrastructure support.


According to the latest data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, by the end of June this year, China had built 1.947 million various charging piles, including 923000 public charging piles, 1024000 private charging piles and 716 replacement power stations, forming the world's largest network of charging facilities. As the power guarantee of new energy vehicles, the rapid development of charging infrastructure supports the continuous growth of China's new energy vehicle industry.


Data show that this year, China's new energy vehicle sales continued to maintain rapid growth. In the first September, the sales volume was 2.157 million, a year-on-year increase of 1.9 times, and the market penetration increased to 11.6%.


In the final analysis, the construction of charging infrastructure is to solve the energy supplement problem of new energy vehicles, so as to resolve the 'mileage anxiety' and endurance pain points of new energy vehicle owners. In recent years, in order to support and guide the rapid development of new energy vehicle industry, relevant supporting policies have been issued one after another to boost the continuous improvement of charging facility network. It should be noted that the rapid growth of the number of new energy vehicles will pose greater challenges to China's charging infrastructure in the future. To build a charging facility network suitable for the development of new energy vehicle industry, we need to look at problems from a development perspective and constantly seek solutions to problems in development.


Increase power and improve energy supply through multiple channels. In recent years, in order to effectively solve the problem of mileage, power battery technology has made continuous breakthroughs, and fast charging technology has also become the competitive direction of enterprises. Some auto companies take the initiative to apply the fast charging technology to mass production models, while supporting the construction of fast charging stations is also accelerating. In addition, the power exchange mode is also an important part of the energy supplement system. Taking an automobile brand as an example, during the National Day this year, the average time for users to change power at the high-speed power exchange station is 14.1 minutes, and the energy supplement efficiency is higher than the charging mode. To improve the construction of energy supplement system, it is better to 'walk on multiple legs' and supply through multiple channels. The charging efficiency can be effectively improved by optimizing the configuration of charging and replacement power stations.


Optimize the stock and improve the management level in an all-round way. During this year's national day, the news that some car owners 'charge for 1 hour and queue for 4 hours' in the expressway service area has attracted attention. This shows that we should not only make continuous efforts in scale, but also improve the operation management ability and revitalize the stock, so as to better cope with the explosive growth of charging demand at a specific time.


In view of the high failure rate of equipment, increase the regular maintenance frequency of existing charging and replacement facilities, and assist in solving the problem of emergency energy supplement by adding mobile service specialists; In view of the low utilization rate of some charging and replacement equipment, it is advisable to use more information means to inform and guide the owner to charge at the idle charging pile in advance through the charging app, make energy supplement planning in advance, and improve the travel experience.


As an investment direction, infrastructure construction plays an important role in driving economic growth. At the same time, strong infrastructure can reduce the cost of a country's economic cycle and improve the overall efficiency of economic operation. In fact, the ability to provide a strong infrastructure measures a country's ability to mobilize resources and organize implementation. Today, China has a leading edge in emerging industries involving green transformation, such as new energy vehicles, photovoltaic and wind power, largely because China has strong national capacity to provide new infrastructure support for the development of emerging industries. The construction of new infrastructure can not only inject new impetus into stimulating economic growth, but also provide support for the development and growth of emerging industries from scratch and from small to large.


At present, China is actively promoting high-quality development and striving to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. The new energy vehicle and its supporting infrastructure industry will usher in new development opportunities. Focusing on strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and strengthening factor support capacity can continuously cultivate and expand new drivers of industrial development.

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