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New energy concept becomes “New power”of Chinese automobile brand

日期: 2021-10-09
浏览次数: 2

Under the “Double carbon”target, the automobile market is undergoing tremendous changes. China’s automobile enterprises in the traditional car energy-saving and new energy car research and development of frequent breakthroughs, a number of technical lines “A hundred flowers bloom.”. Mainstream car companies seize the opportunity to inject a new element of low-carbon development into the brand, new energy concept is also expected to become China’s automotive brand development “New strength”.


China completed 1.813 million new energy vehicles and 1.799 million new energy vehicles in the first eight months of the year, up 1.9 times year on year, and the cumulative sales penetration rate has increased to nearly 11 percent from 5.4 percent at the beginning of the year, according to the 2021. Liu Yan, Deputy Secretary General of the 2021, expects sales of new energy vehicles to exceed 2.6 million units for the full year, an increase of more than 90 percent.

Experts said that grasping the advantages of new energy vehicles, smart internet-connected cars and other new tracks will be an important opportunity for China’s auto industry to change the pattern of “Big but not strong”and for Chinese brands to achieve curve overtaking. At present, different technology routes “Let a hundred flowers bloom”, the development focus of vehicle companies are different, but also give consumers a variety of choices.

Li Yunfei, General Manager of the brand and public relations department at BYD Auto, said that in the current supporting environment, car free families still have some concerns about choosing a pure electric car when buying their first car, and plug in hybrids are more attractive, pure electric cars are better suited to the need for a family’s second car. He thinks, plug-in hybrid this circuit market capacity is very big, but the current industry attention is not enough. Stick to plug-in hybrid and pure electric “Two-legged”walking, the introduction of more competitive new models, will help quickly upgrade the new energy vehicle Market penetration.

Li Peng, Vice President of Xiaopeng, has more confidence in the development of pure electric cars. 
He said pure electric cars were the most carbon-neutral vehicle for the moment and for a long time to come. Although fuel vehicles still have some advantages in infrastructure, the charging network of electric vehicles has basically covered the daily use of the city scene, and began to self-driving travel and other travel radius more coverage. In the future, pure electric vehicles will be on a par with, or even beyond, fuel-powered vehicles in terms of energy networks. In addition, with the increase of the proportion of pure electric vehicles, the value-preserving problem of pure electric vehicles that many users are concerned about will also be improved.

Yin Jie, head of Brand Public Relations Department of GAC Group, believes that in the environment of “Double carbon”target and energy transformation, electrification is undoubtedly the main development direction of the automotive industry. However, China is a vast country with huge differences in infrastructure construction, economic development level, resource characteristics and so on. Therefore, in a long period of time, China’s automobile market should be coexisting with multiple technological routes, users can combine the family economic level, local infrastructure supporting conditions, their own preferences and other factors to choose.

Regarding the hydrogen fuel vehicle, Yin Jie believes that although it has not yet entered the large-scale application promotion stage, but with the technology matures day by day, the investment construction increases, the hydrogen fuel vehicle is clean, the environmental protection choice. According to reports, GAC Group is promoting the research and development of hydrogen fuel cars, its own development of the first hydrogen engine has been successfully ignited, GAC group this year has put 10 hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars on a demonstration run.

Yang Xueliang, Senior Vice President of Geely Holding Group, said that in addition to focusing on the development of hybrid and pure electric smart cars, Jilly also sees the development of methanol fuel vehicles as an important strategic direction. Jilly has been working on methanol powered cars for 16 years and has developed nearly 20 models, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The analysis shows that the use of renewable energy and carbon dioxide to synthesize green methanol and its application in automobile and other fields will help to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by industry, achieve effective carbon sequestration and carbon reduction, and promote the transformation of the energy structure, to safeguard the nation’s energy security.

Liu said that promoting the development of new energy automobile industry to realize market-oriented is one of the key tasks of China’s automobile industry during the 14th five-year plan period. To this end, the industry can make breakthroughs in the following areas: gradually building a new industrial ecology centered on the new energy automobile industry, breaking through the common bottleneck technology, strengthening the international competitiveness of brands, and constantly improving the infrastructure system, continue to improve product economy and ease of use, improve the market environment, promote the new energy vehicle penetration rate.

The high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry will not only push China to achieve the goal of “Double carbon”, but also help Chinese automobile enterprises to establish a responsible, responsible, up-to-date, innovative brand image. Under the guidance of the China Association of automobile industry, FUTUREGAR introduced the Auto Innovation Festival and AutoVision Awards for the first time this year, and held the AutoVision China contest. With the help of this competition, Chinese car companies will have the opportunity to show their brand charm on the international stage and help Chinese brands to go global.

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