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Beijing Releases Electric Vehicle Administration Regulation. Record System Might be Cancelled.

日期: 2018-04-10
浏览次数: 19

Source from evpartner.com by Yue Shao Xue


In February 26, 2018, 5 departments of Beijing County jointly issued “The Promotion and Application of Electric Vehicle Administration Regulation in Beijing”(short as the regulation). According to the regulation, Beijing Commission will be responsible for guiding the promotion and application of electric vehicle (EV) enterprises and related products in the city, instead of being responsible for filing only. And there is no reference to the relevant contents of the record system either. Beijing might cancel the EV record system. The original text is as follows;


The promotion and application of electric vehicle administration regulation in Beijing.

Article 1 To implement documents “Guidance of the general office of the State Council on accelerating the promotion and application of EV” (Issued 2014 No. 35), “Notifications of the fiscal support policy for the promotion and application of EV for 2016-2020 years”(Fortune 2015 No. 134), Implementing the strategic deployment of the state for the development of EV, and adhering to the concept of innovation, coordination, green conceptions, open and shared development. We should advocate low carbon travel, effectively promote energy saving and emission reduction, optimize supporting system, implement and improve supporting policies, and formulate measures in combination with the popularization and application of EV in the city.


Article 2 The proposed EV refers to pure electric vehicles and fuel cell cars licensed to sell in China according to law.


Article 3 The city encourages the purchase of EV. The relevant financial subsidy policy of the city refers to “Circular of the Ministry of finance, Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology, the development and Reform Commission of the Ministry of science and technology of the Ministry of finance, on the adjustment and improvement of the fiscal subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles”(Fortune 2018 No. 18).


Article 4 According to “Provisional Regulations for the regulation and control of the number of passenger cars in Beijing” and its detailed rules (2017 revision), the implementation of new energy small passenger car index management policy in this city, and the unit or individual should apply for using according to the relevant regulations of the new energy passenger car index management in this city. Units or individuals holding ordinary small passenger cars licenses can purchase and register new energy small passenger cars.


Article 5 The party and government organs, institutions and state-owned enterprises at all levels in this city should take the lead of electric vehicles, In accordance with the regulations, the proportion of EV is gradually expanded and the charging facilities are improved. It provides convenience for the employees of the unit to purchase electric vehicles, and plays a leading role in the society.


Article 6 The EV manufacturer is the main role to be responsible for product safety, quality, after-sales service, emergency support and power battery recycle. We should conscientiously fulfill our responsibilities and establish a new EV product quality and safety responsibility system, to ensure the safe operation of EV. The production enterprises should establish a monitoring platform and report the relevant information in time and accurately according to the relevant requirements.


Article 7 Our city promotes the construction of charging infrastructure system with reasonable advance, reasonable layout, standardized management and intelligence and efficiency, providing users with safe and convenient charging service. According to “Suggestions on Further Strengthening the construction and management of electric vehicle charging infrastructure” (Beijing 2017 No. 36), combined with urban construction development planning and distribution network planning, in accordance with the principle of "government guidance and market operation", the construction, operation and management of the EV charging station will be promoted.


Article 8 The city to promote market fairness, maintain market stability, regulate market order, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and create a harmonious, fair, good consumption environment, strengthen market supervision of the new energy automobile sales in Beijing, sampling and evaluating consistency from product quality, safety and customer service, promote the construction of a unified and open and orderly competition in the EV market. For enterprises and individuals who provide false information, breach of promise, and defraud subsidy funds, the relevant departments shall be responsible for the relevant enterprises and personnel according to the law, to publicize the information and provide inquires.


Article 9 According to the division of EV joint meeting of Beijing, the responsibilities of the relevant departments are as follows;


The city office of EV joint meeting (Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission) is responsible for the co-ordination to promote the application of EV, to promote scientific and technological innovation and demonstration, policy and research organization is beneficial to the popularization and application of stock optimization, traffic, operations, subsidies and infrastructure construction.


City Economic and Information Commission responsible for promoting the application of new energy automobile production enterprises and its products, guide enterprises to develop production in Beijing for the promotion of new energy vehicle products; responsible for the municipal subsidies payment; in conjunction with the relevant departments to supervise the production of waste battery recycling enterprises to implement the main responsibility


The Municipal Finance Bureau is responsible for organizing and formulating the municipal financial subsidy policy


The Municipal Administration Committee of the city is responsible for the construction and operation management of EV charging station (pile).


The Municipal Transportation Committee is responsible for the application of the new energy passenger car index application, the organization review and the differentiation of the new EV traffic management policy formulation.


The Public Security Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau is responsible for the registration of EV, the issuance of EV.


The municipal quality and Technical Supervision Bureau is responsible for the monitoring and sampling of EV sold in Beijing.


Article 10 The regulation will be implemented on January 1, 2018, and will be valid until December 31, 2020. After the release of this regulation, “the management of commercial vehicles for the promotion and application of new energy in Beijing” (Beijing Branch 2017 No. 123 ) is abolished at the same time.

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