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Listed companies get together to cross-border new energy

日期: 2022-06-24
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From games to liquor, from semiconductors to lithium batteries Every time the capital market changes, the 'cross-border' pursuit of listed companies has attracted much attention from the market. Faced with the current hot new energy field, many listed companies are also 'gearing up'. According to the reporter's incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 30 listed companies only laying out the lithium battery industry chain, of which more than ten have been laid out since last year. Industry insiders remind investors to rationally look at the hot track of cross-border investment of listed companies, and be wary of 'hot spots' of some companies.

Many companies flood into the new energy track.

On the day after the release of the cross-border news, Huiyun Titanium opened strongly, closing up by 15.72% that day, and its total market value rose to 5.3 billion yuan. According to the announcement, Huiyun Titanium plans to invest about 6.2 billion yuan, focusing on projects of iron phosphate and Ferrous lithium phosphate and supporting projects of upstream and downstream industries.

Before Huiyun Titanium Industry, titanium dioxide peers, including Longbai Group, Annada, CNNC Titanium White, etc., have successively launched cross-border distribution in Ferrous lithium phosphate since last year. In February last year, CNNC announced that it planned to invest 12.1 billion yuan to build a Ferrous lithium phosphate project with an annual output of 500,000 tons. In August last year, Bailong Group announced that it would spend 4.7 billion yuan to invest in projects with an annual output of 200,000 tons of battery material grade iron phosphate. According to public information, at present, Longbai Group has an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of iron phosphate and 50,000 tons of Ferrous lithium phosphate. In March of this year, Gimpo Titanium also announced its cross-border. The company plans to invest 1.28 billion yuan in the construction of new energy battery materials integration projects such as Ferrous lithium phosphate. The company said that the construction of new projects will further extend the company's industrial chain, which is conducive to incubating new profit growth points and improving the overall profitability of the company.

According to industry insiders, thanks to the rapid development of new energy vehicles, Ferrous lithium phosphate has become a hot spot in the market competition, and titanium dioxide enterprises have certain advantages in cutting into Ferrous lithium phosphate business. However, with the production capacity of each company going into production, the market competition will intensify, and it is necessary to increase the cost control in the future.

In addition, Batian Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the production of green ecological compound fertilizer, announced in November last year that it plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary with its own capital of 100 million yuan to engage in the production of ferric phosphate and related supporting engineering business; Tianhua, Wanhua Chemical, Chuanfa Dragon Python, Fulin Seiko, Longpan Technology and other companies have also cut into this field. On June 22nd, Yun Tianhua said on the interactive platform that the construction of the company's iron phosphate project is progressing as planned, and the first phase of 100,000 tons/year project is under construction, which is expected to be completed as planned.

Besides Ferrous lithium phosphate, many listed companies in dairy, aquaculture, real estate and other industries also set their sights on the photovoltaic field. On June 19th, Xinzhu Co., Ltd., a rail transit enterprise, disclosed the restructuring plan, and planned to make Shengtian New Energy, a photovoltaic power generation enterprise, a holding subsidiary through a transaction; Lai Xiaoqiang, chairman of Zhangzhou Development, said at the performance briefing on June 20th that photovoltaic power generation will be taken as a breakthrough, and a certain scale of photovoltaic power generation resources will be obtained by investment and development of roof resources and roof photovoltaic projects in the whole county; The dairy giant Huangshi Group, whose business performance continues to be under pressure, also hopes to bring new profit growth points to the company with the help of enterprise plant resources. The company newly invested Huaneng Huangshi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with an investment ratio of 30%; The new energy layout of Zhengbang Technology, a breeding enterprise, has also attracted investors' attention recently. On June 20th, after the announcement of the news, Zhengbang Technology had a daily limit, and its share price once hit a new high since April 21st.

Cross-border or 'hot spot'? Continuous supervision and attention

All kinds of cross-border behaviors of enterprises continue to receive regulatory attention, and many companies have received letters of concern. After the close of trading on June 21st, Huiyun Titanium received a letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, asking the company to explain the specific content and investment purpose of investment projects such as ferric phosphate, the specific relationship with the company's existing main business, whether it belongs to new business areas, and the source of investment funds. As for the capital source of 6.2 billion yuan, the company previously indicated that the investment amount includes self-financing, fund, M&A loan and joint venture with other partners, and the final approved investment amount shall prevail. According to the financial report, as of the end of the first quarter, the monetary fund in the company's account was less than 400 million yuan.

Zhengbang Technology, which received a letter of concern due to its cooperation with national power investment and cross-border new energy, responded to the letter of concern on the evening of June 22nd. According to the company, in the early stage of the project, the state power investment will mainly invest in the construction, and the company will collect the rent by renting the roof, with no capital outflow. 'With the current financial situation of Zhengbang Technology, it is unlikely that there will be enough money to invest. At present, the cooperation with the State Power Investment Corporation is a strategic framework, and the follow-up implementation of specific projects needs to be submitted to the NDRC and other departments for quota support. Obtaining rental income through the lease of roof resources is also a way to increase income. ' Chen Xin, a professor of accounting at Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance, Shanghai Jiaotong University, believes that under the background of insufficient market activity, the company itself has the motivation of market value management. If the stock price can perform well, it will be a win-win situation for the company.

A brokerage investment researcher also said that the current financial situation of Zhengbang Technology is not optimistic. Recently, due to the tight liquidity, some commercial tickets exceeding 500 million yuan were overdue. Up to now, the company's share price has dropped by over 30% during the year. At present, the rent is only collected through the roof resources of farms, but the so-called new energy layout is also a good story in the capital market.

Previously, Songdu shares, a listed real estate company, were also accused of 'hot spots'. Due to lithium, the company's share price once pulled out 12 daily limit within 16 trading days. Then, when the stock price soared, the company cashed in about 220 million yuan from the sale of ESOP shares, which was close to liquidation. 'As the market value of Songdu shares soared in a short time, such hype is beneficial to the company. From this perspective, the company has the motivation to guide the market. ' The aforementioned brokerage investment researcher said. In addition, the stock price of *ST Garden City, which is mainly engaged in steel and coal trade and also recently said that it plans to involve lithium, has also been rising continuously after the concept was put on.

Chen Xin said that in the current hot new energy fields, such as lithium battery resources, prices are indeed rising, but for cross-border enterprises, it takes a long time from construction to capacity release, and the future price trend is uncertain. In fact, some institutions have suggested that in the short term, the market will maintain a tight balance between supply and demand due to factors such as slow expansion of production capacity and surge in market demand. However, in the long run, with the rapid expansion of Ferrous lithium phosphate enterprises and the continuous entry of chemical enterprises, the production capacity of Ferrous lithium phosphate may be in surplus.

'For enterprises, it is difficult to participate deeply and gain profits without unique technology and resources. Investors should be cautious and have a deeper understanding of the project. At the same time, it should be realized that for some companies, cross-border investment and acquisition are also a means of short-term market value management. ' Chen Xin stressed.

Fu Lichun, founding partner of Yun Capital, also reminded that in the process of cross-border investment and acquisition, listed companies will also be involved in such issues as whether information disclosure is timely, whether it will lead or mislead the market, and whether there will be abnormal fluctuations in stock prices. Investors should look at such behaviors of listed companies relatively rationally. There is strong uncertainty in following the trend and chasing after the high price, and they still need to have certain professional knowledge and in-depth knowledge of companies and industries.

'Cross-border listed companies often face greater costs and risks. Cross-border acquisitions are generally suitable for some companies with large volume and diversified business needs. The regulatory level supports enterprises to extend around the industrial chain and expand their main business through the integration of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. ' Dong Dengxin, director of the Institute of Financial Securities of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, said that as a listed company, investors should be respected, not too short-sighted. It is more important to consider problems only from the perspective of market value management, and make the main business bigger and stronger in the long run.

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