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Sales of new energy vehicles in Wuxi increased from January to April

日期: 2022-05-12
浏览次数: 2

With the advantages of exemption from purchase tax and low maintenance cost, new energy vehicles are being recognized by more and more consumers. In addition, the rising oil prices have raised people's expectations for new energy vehicles. Yesterday, the reporter learned from a number of car sales stores that since this year, the sales market of new energy vehicles in Wuxi has been very hot, and there are an endless stream of people watching, testing and buying cars. From January to April, the sales of new energy vehicles reached 14,500, compared with just over 5,000 in the same period last year.

'On weekends, on average, we have to receive 150-200 batches of customers and deal with 30-40 vehicles. When there are many, it can reach 70-80 vehicles.' The sales manager of Goldwind Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. said with a smile that many models have been sold out of stock, and now it takes 2-3 months to place an order before the car is available. Goldwind Automobile is mainly engaged in BYD new energy vehicles. Last year, it sold more than 100 new energy vehicles on average, and this year, it sold more than 400 vehicles at the highest.

'The sales volume of stores this year has increased by more than 20% year-on-year.' Li Yinxi, manager of Wuxi Weima New Energy Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd., introduced that the purchase target has also changed. In the past two years, most of the customers were car owners, and some of them bought the second family car. However, since this year, the number of first-time buyers and new buyers has increased. 'Not having to refuel and saving money is one of the main reasons why they consider new energy vehicles.' Li Yinxi explained that the oil price has been rising all the way, and the cost of fuel vehicles has increased greatly. This chain reaction has affected the terminal market, and many people have turned their attention to new energy vehicles.

Statistics show that the market share of new energy vehicles has increased from 19% last year to 30% now. Hu Xinjian, CEO of Wuxi Dongfang Automobile's new energy sector, analyzed that the reason why the sales of new energy vehicles have soared this year is that, apart from the rising oil price highlighting its cost advantage, factors such as increased cruising range, increasingly mature technology and more comfortable experience of new energy vehicles have given consumers confidence.

An interview with the reporter found that in the past, automobile brands entered the shopping mall mainly for temporary image display, but now it has been upgraded to a fixed sales exhibition hall that can experience products in all directions. Last year, Weilai Automobile left its first store in Wuxi in Vientiane City. Previously, LI had settled the exhibition hall here. 'The store's sales performance in the first quarter of this year was gratifying, setting the first achievement of Jiangsu stores.' Huang Jiying, the manager of Wuxi Vientiane City Retail Center in LI, told reporters that the customer groups of the complex are highly coincident with the customers of new energy vehicles. Opening a shop in the complex is conducive to narrowing the distance with consumers. 'The brand has new products listed at least twice a year, which will be the first to be displayed in the center.'

More and more new energy vehicles put the exhibition halls in the complex. In April this year, LI flagship store and Extreme Krypton Experience Center successively entered Suning Plaza, and the golden position on the first floor, which used to be occupied by beauty cosmetics and jewelry, became the 'show' of new energy vehicles. The relevant person in charge of Suning Plaza admitted that consumers' acceptance of new energy vehicles is constantly improving, and the introduction of new energy vehicle brands can also play a certain role in pulling the passenger flow of shopping malls.

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