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Create a "strong heart" for new energy vehicles

日期: 2022-05-06
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'Lithium-ion power battery is the' heart' of new energy vehicles. If you can independently produce high-quality lithium-ion power batteries, it is equivalent to preempting the right to speak in this market ... 'When talking about your own research field, Wu Qiang, winner of Jiangxi May Day Labor Medal in 2022 and research and development expert of Funeng Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd., was instantly opened.

Wu Qiang, 46, has been deeply involved in the research of lithium-ion power batteries for nearly 20 years. Before coming to Funeng Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd. in 2020, Wu Qiang worked in a world-renowned vehicle manufacturer for more than 10 years, which made him have his own unique views on the current situation and development of new energy vehicles and lithium-ion power battery industry.

As we all know, mileage anxiety has always been a major pain point for new energy vehicles. How to improve the energy density and safety of lithium-ion power battery is a key technical problem in the lithium-ion power battery industry. The harder it is to chew, the harder it is to chew. Wu Qiang led the team to overcome the technical problems of cathode material development and low-temperature performance improvement, and successfully developed a low-cost, high-safety, soft-pack lithium-ion power battery with an energy density of 285Wh/kg, and achieved industrial production. It was matched with pure electric vehicles of well-known domestic automobile manufacturers, and sold nearly 10,000 vehicles in 2021, with a sales volume of 500 million yuan.

While focusing on technology development, Wu Qiang also does a good job of mentoring. He originally developed a three-electrode battery technology with very high accuracy, reliability and practicality. In order to fully apply this technology to the company's products, he selected a colleague with strong hands-on ability in each battery R&D group, taught it hand in hand, and explained every step in detail. Through demonstration and practical operation, colleagues quickly mastered this technology and extended it to all the research and mass production projects of the company. He also extended the promotion scope to the quality, craft and other departments of the company, so that the technology could blossom and bear fruit in the whole company.

On the road of innovation, every second counts in Wu Qiang. In the face of various urgent and dangerous tasks, we can often see him fighting hard in the front line. He is as humble as a drooping ear of rice when he gains honor. He said: 'Innovation is a race without an end. Building a' strong heart' for new energy vehicles is my goal! '

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