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Build a new power system with stronger new energy consumption capacity

日期: 2022-05-05
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By 2025, the province will build a new energy storage scale of more than 4 million kilowatts.

A few days ago, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the '14th Five-Year Plan for New Energy Storage Development in Hebei Province'. According to the plan, efforts should be made to build a new power system with stronger new energy consumption capacity, so as to promote the marketization, industrialization and large-scale development of new energy storage in our province with the idea of steady progress.

New energy storage refers to energy storage projects that mainly output electricity and provide services to the outside world except pumped storage. The development goals are defined: widely applying new energy storage in power supply, power grid, users and other links, enhancing the supporting capacity and safety supervision capacity of the source network, promoting the deep integration of 'new energy+energy storage', realizing integrated planning, synchronous construction and joint operation, and enhancing the energy storage regulation capacity of power grid and terminal.

By 2025, on the basis of vigorously developing coal-fired power flexibility transformation, gas peak-shaving power plants and pumped-storage power plants, and comprehensively considering the demand situation of electric power security supply, system regulation capacity, power grid support and substitution, and user side in our province, the province will lay out and build a new energy storage scale of more than 4 million kilowatts, realizing the transformation of new energy storage from the initial stage of commercialization to large-scale development, and having the conditions for large-scale commercial application.

The innovative ability of new energy storage technologies has been improved in an all-round way, among which electrochemical energy storage technologies have been significantly improved, the system cost has been reduced by more than 30%, vanadium redox flow batteries, iron chromium redox flow batteries, zinc bromide redox flow batteries, etc. have been industrialized, and sodium ion batteries and solid-state lithium ion batteries have been piloted and demonstrated; Large-scale application of 100 MW compressed air energy storage and MW flywheel energy storage technologies; A breakthrough has been made in the technology of hydrogen storage and long-term energy storage; Composite energy storage technology has been demonstrated and applied. The market mechanism and business model for the sustainable development of new energy storage are basically formed, the supporting policies and management systems are basically established, and the new energy storage industry system is becoming more and more complete.

By 2030, the new energy storage will be fully market-oriented. The new energy storage industry system is mature and complete, the level of technological innovation is among the best, the market mechanism, business model and standard system are mature and sound, and it is deeply integrated and developed with all links of the power system, basically meeting the demand of building a new power system and helping to achieve the goal of double carbon.

According to the plan, our province will make overall layout of new energy storage projects, carry out key technology research projects, promote diversified demonstration application projects, focus on building market system projects, standardize energy storage project management projects, and promote the marketization, industrialization and large-scale development of new energy storage in our province.

Overall layout of new energy storage projects to promote large-scale development. Actively support the construction of new energy storage facilities in clean energy power stations, promote the coordinated and optimized operation of energy storage and various power sources, rationally arrange new energy storage on the grid side, explore new scenarios of diversified development of energy storage on the user side, and expand new energy storage application modes. Focus on building the development pattern of 'one core, one area and two belts' of new energy storage in our province, that is, taking xiong'an new area as the core to build a new innovative energy storage research and development highland, a large-scale comprehensive application demonstration zone of 'wind power photovoltaic base+energy storage' in Rizo area, a demonstration zone of large-scale application and equipment manufacturing of 'photovoltaic+energy storage' in Taihang Mountains, and a diversified application demonstration zone of 'new energy+energy storage' and 'big industrial users+energy storage' in coastal areas.

Carry out key technology research projects and build an innovative system. Actively carry out forward-looking, systematic and strategic research and development of key energy storage technologies, accelerate the autonomy of core technologies, promote the organic integration of various links in Industry-University-Research, accelerate the transformation of innovation achievements, and enhance the innovation capability in the field of new energy storage.

Promote diversified demonstration application projects and speed up the industrialization process. Focus on various application scenarios, encourage the development of diversified technical routes, actively promote various new energy storage pilot demonstrations, and strengthen the tracking and evaluation of demonstration projects. Through key areas and key demonstration projects, the new energy storage technology progress and industrial upgrading will be promoted, the new energy storage industry chain will be improved, and the industrial competitiveness will be enhanced.

Focus on building a market system project and improving the market-oriented mechanism. Accelerate the commercialization and innovation mode of new energy storage, support new energy storage as an independent market entity to participate in all kinds of electricity market transactions, study and establish a new energy storage price mechanism, and promote rational allocation and diversion of energy storage costs. Explore market-oriented application modes such as shared energy storage, cloud energy storage and energy storage aggregation.

Standardize energy storage project management and improve policy system. Increase the support for new energy storage technology innovation and project construction, establish and improve the technical standard system of new energy storage industry chain, and further improve the management mechanism of new energy storage projects.

The environmental impact analysis was made in the plan. During the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, with the vigorous development of new energy storage, the installed capacity and consumption of new energy generation in our province will increase rapidly. It is estimated that by 2025, the proportion of non-fossil energy in total energy consumption in our province will be increased from 7% in 2020 to 13%, and the power consumption responsibility of renewable energy will be increased from 14.2% in 2020 to 22.8%, which is equivalent to a reduction of 47.55 million tons of standard coal, 130 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 62,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions and 57,000 tons of nitrogen oxides emissions.

Planning requirements: strictly implement the environmental impact assessment system during the implementation of the planning, adhere to the ecological protection red line and permanent basic farmland, ensure the regional ecological function in planning site selection and grid-connected lines, and avoid environmental sensitive factors. We will strengthen environmental protection in the whole process of layout, construction, operation and decommissioning of new energy storage projects, strictly implement the requirements of 'three lines and one list' of ecological protection red line, environmental quality bottom line, resource utilization online and ecological environment access list, strictly implement environmental protection standards, and ensure that environmental protection facilities and main projects are 'designed, constructed and put into operation at the same time' to prevent and mitigate environmental impacts.

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