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Tianneng: building a new energy battery benchmark to help the "double carbon" goal

日期: 2022-01-07
浏览次数: 1

As an enterprise in the new energy power battery industry, Tianneng battery group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Tianneng') has been deeply engaged in the production and manufacturing of green power batteries since 1986, including new energy lithium batteries, smart energy, resource recycling, green smart Manufacturing Industrial Park, smart logistics, financial makers and other sectors, continuously contributing to social energy conservation and emission reduction Contribute to the realization of convenient and green travel.

Zhang Tianren, chairman of Tianneng, said that Tianneng should not only be a benchmark in the new energy power battery industry, but also become a leader in the field of intelligent energy storage, but also continue to maintain the leading advantage of hydrogen fuel cells.

Build a closed-loop industrial chain and integrate into the green ecosystem

In recent years, Tianneng has comprehensively explored a new mode of green growth, starting with green products, green workshops, green factories, green parks, green standards, green supply chains, etc., and with the help of the Internet, big data and other means, it has penetrated the green 'smart' manufacturing concept into the whole process of product design, manufacturing, recycling and disposal, leading the industry to develop in a green, high-end and intelligent direction.

On the recycling side, Tianneng has built a standardized and effective recycling system in more than 20 provinces and cities. So far, Tianneng has invested nearly 10 billion yuan to build a green circular economy industrial park in Huzhou, Zhejiang, Shuyang, Jiangsu, Taihe, Anhui and Puyang, Henan, which can handle more than 950000 tons of waste lead-acid batteries every year, It has created a closed-loop green recycling industrial chain integrating 'recycling smelting reproduction' in the lead-acid battery industry.

Based on the sales back integration mode, Tianneng has steadily occupied a dominant position in the field of power battery recycling, striding into the field of lithium battery recycling, and gradually built a 'lead and lithium' double cycle system. In Tianneng circular economy industrial park in Changxing, Zhejiang Province, the recovery rate of waste battery metal, plastic, residual acid and industrial water can reach more than 99%, 99%, 100% and 100% respectively. The production cost of recycled lead extracted from this 'green mine' is 38% lower than that of primary lead, and the energy consumption is only 35% of that of primary lead.

In addition, Tianneng also actively extends the application of green energy and extends high-end environmental protection batteries to forklifts, tractors, trucks and other equipment, which are widely used in airports, stations, ports, warehouses of industrial and mining enterprises and other places.

Deeply cultivate the main business of battery and help green travel

As one of the major global carbon emitters, transportation is not only the key field of Tianneng's green power application, but also an important driving point for Tianneng to help the 'double carbon' goal and layout the market.

Over the past 35 years, Tianneng has been deeply engaged in the field of power batteries, providing continuous green power for people's low-carbon travel and socio-economic development. In 2020, Tianneng will ship about 310 million green power batteries, providing more than 83.9722 million KVAh of green power.

According to the calculation of riding distance, if each group of daily energy batteries (four batteries are a group) can ride an average of 60 kilometers after power storage, and each group of batteries can be charged and discharged 400 times, the cumulative driving mileage of 310 million batteries sold each year can reach 1860 billion kilometers. According to the calculation of reducing carbon emissions, if 80% replace motorcycles and 20% replace cars, it shall be calculated according to gb18352 5-2013 light vehicle pollutant emission limits and measurement methods (China Phase V) as the standard, the batteries sold by Tianneng each year can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 140.244 million tons. According to the calculation of replacing oil by electricity, if 80% of the motorcycle mileage is replaced (2.5 liters of fuel can be saved per 100 kilometers) and 20% of the car mileage is replaced (9 liters of fuel can be saved per 100 kilometers), the weighted average fuel saving per 100 kilometers is 3.8 liters. These batteries sold by Tianneng every year can save 70.68 billion liters (50.89 million tons) of fuel in the whole life cycle.

Energy storage + hydrogen energy, contributing green energy

In order to accelerate the promotion of clean energy to replace fossil energy and help achieve the goal of 'double carbon', Tianneng focuses on the fields of smart energy storage and hydrogen energy, and has achieved certain results in the development mode of smart energy storage power station and the application fields of grid side and user side.

On the grid side, Tianneng, together with the State Grid Zhejiang electric power company, has built the grid side lead carbon energy storage power station Changxing pheasant city energy storage power station project based on advanced energy storage battery technology. In Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, Tianneng has built a 'power bank' energy storage power station deep in the mountains for damaiyuan village at the end of the power grid. At present, Tianneng smart energy storage power station has been widely used in grid side, user side and Microgrid fields such as photovoltaic + energy storage, wind power + energy storage, and has successfully built projects such as African photovoltaic energy storage off grid project, Shanghai Songjiang user side project, and smart microgrid system of Changsha Automobile Industrial Park.

At the same time, the research and development of Tianneng energy storage technology is also making breakthroughs and innovations. In December 2020, Tianneng's 'high performance lead carbon battery industrialization demonstration project' won the China industry award. This is a new type of battery with international leading technical level developed by Tianneng. It has overcome the technical bottleneck of low energy and short endurance mileage of traditional batteries. It can be widely used in energy storage power stations, new energy hybrid vehicles and other fields. It has obvious energy conservation and emission reduction effects and broad prospects.

In the application and promotion of hydrogen energy, since 2017, Tianneng has actively invested in the research and development of hydrogen fuel cells and fully incorporated hydrogen fuel cells into the strategic development sector. In 2020, Tianneng incorporated Zhejiang Tianneng Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the development and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cells. Since 2018, Tianneng has successfully developed 30kW, 40kW, 60kW and 80kW graphite plate stacks and obtained more than 20 patents.

In order to further promote the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industrialization, Tianneng has carried out in-depth exploration around the 'upstream and downstream industrial chain', cooperated with a number of domestic mainstream vehicle enterprises, and jointly developed a number of hydrogen fuel cell engine systems applied in various fields.

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