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Why do new energy vehicles favor "entering the mall"?

日期: 2021-12-07
浏览次数: 1

The sales model has changed quietly, and more new energy vehicle brands will set their stores in large shopping malls——

Why do new energy vehicles favor 'entering the mall'?

New energy vehicles are becoming the choice of more and more consumers. Not long ago, the latest data released by China Automobile Industry Association showed that from January to October this year, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in China were 2.542 million, a year-on-year increase of 176.6%.

The sales mode of new energy vehicles is also changing quietly. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, which are mainly sold through 4S stores, more and more new energy vehicle brands choose to set up stores in large shopping malls and shopping centers and adopt 'Direct stores' In this regard, many people in the industry pointed out that this change reflects the new trend of supply and demand in the automotive market under the new technological change.


Shopping mall sales are refreshing

Every weekend, the 'blue harbor' shopping street in Chaoyang District, Beijing is particularly lively. In a prominent position on the first floor of the mall, in addition to jewelry and cosmetics counters, many well-known new energy vehicle brands such as Xiaopeng, Weilai and ideal appear together, occupying a large sales area. This is a microcosm of new energy vehicles entering the mall at present.

A few months ago, Wen Junyou, a 24-year-old teacher in Shenzhen, ordered a new energy vehicle directly from the shopping mall. When it comes to buying a car, he is positive. 'It's a good idea to move the sales scene from the 4S store to the shopping mall! Buying cars in the shopping mall is the same as buying mobile phones, clothes and other goods. They are clearly priced. This key detail is simpler and more transparent than the traditional 4S store.' Wen Junyou said.

Zhang Yixiao, a young man in Chengdu, also showed a strong interest in the 'shopping mall' of new energy vehicles. 'In terms of purchase methods, 4S stores usually have a large area and more comprehensive models, but their location will be far away. They are often in the suburbs of the city, so it's better to choose directly in the shopping mall. If you go shopping on weekends, you can pick up cars by the way.' Zhang Yixiao said that new energy vehicles are more environmentally friendly. He is ready to go to the mall to investigate new energy vehicles.

Why set up a sales area in the mall? Manager Yang, who is engaged in the sales of new energy vehicles, said that the purpose of new energy vehicle enterprises entering the mall is mainly to make more potential consumers feel the new technology, directly face the products, understand the products and tap more new users. 'After consumers enter the store, we will introduce the advantages and characteristics of new energy vehicles, and let users test them directly. If consumers like a certain car, they can place an order directly from the official website. For car enterprises, selling it in shopping malls will save some rent than opening 4S stores,' he said.

Du bin, Secretary General of the brand professional committee of Shanghai Shopping Center Association, said that in recent two years, shopping centers have gradually become the first choice for new forces of car making to open stores, which is related to the advantages of shopping centers in terms of passenger flow, opening cost and convenience. Shopping centers in large and medium-sized cities are one-stop consumption places, and a large number of consumers are used to leisure consumption in shopping centers, which makes shopping centers With sufficient passenger flow, it can promote the brand. In addition, with the increase of residents' income and the closer automobile prices to the people, automobile consumption is becoming more and more popular.

When shopping, it has become the choice of many young people to see which new models are available. From the perspective of shopping centers, the more shopping malls with rich formats, such as shopping, catering, reading, entertainment and parent-child activities Integrated shopping centers are easier to attract traffic. Therefore, many shopping malls will take the initiative to connect with car enterprises when attracting investment.


Direct marketing mode of automobile enterprises

Cars are sold in shopping malls, reflecting the change of sales mode of new energy vehicles.

Auto companies prefer to segment customers and sell through all channels. 'At present, Jihu products are sold through all channels, and different channel models provide customers with different services.' Wang Qiufeng, deputy general manager of BAIC new energy and vice president of Jihu automobile, said. 'For example, Jihu space is a shopping mall. Because it is located in the core business circle, it provides great convenience for customers to see cars and test drive.

If customers want after-sales service, they can go to the Jihu center, that is, the 4S store. Generally speaking, compared with the traditional 4S store, Jihu space is built in the core business circle, which has good drainage effect and lower time and cost of customers' arrival, which is more conducive to Provide customers with life-oriented experience scenarios. '

More and more automobile enterprises are working on the direct sales model. Geely Holding Group launched the high-end intelligent pure electric brand 'extreme krypton' this year. In late October, the first product of extreme krypton 'zeekr 001' The mass-produced models went off the production line and were delivered on October 23. According to the relevant person in charge of Geely, polar krypton adopted the direct sales mode, established a complete user service network, and provided all-round services before, during and after sales by relying on polar krypton center, polar krypton space, service center, delivery center and online social center.

At present, the first polar krypton center in China has opened in Hangzhou, and the first polar krypton space is also in Hangzhou Guangzhou, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have opened successively, and the follow-up polar krypton space will be rolled out in more cities.

'Compared with the traditional 4S stores, the direct selling mode of shopping malls has three advantages. First, compared with the traditional waiting for customers to come to the door and telephone invitation to see the car, the franchise stores opened in shopping malls have a higher customer conversion rate; second, they directly experience new products when shopping, which is favored by more and more young consumer groups; third, compared with the heavy asset mode of traditional 4S stores, shopping malls are more competitive From the perspective of cost performance, such as marketing, advertising and obtaining consumption clues, the direct selling of the franchise store has greater advantages, 'the person in charge said.

Ford Motor (China) Ke fuming, general manager of the electric vehicle division, said that China is the most active new energy vehicle market in the world, which has reached the height of leading the development direction of global electric vehicles in many aspects, and the innovation of sales methods has also attracted attention at home and abroad.

At present, Ford has adopted a new direct sales business model in China, with high-quality partners from the original dealer network participating in the construction of direct sales stores There are 16 direct sales stores of special electric vehicles, which are planned to reach 25 in 2021 and are expected to exceed 100 in five years. Ke fuming revealed that in the future, Ford's new legendary intelligent electric vehicles will be sold and provided services under the 'Ford select direct sales network', so that technology can better serve users.


The change of automobile function brings about sales transformation

Why do new energy vehicles rather than fuel vehicles choose to be sold in shopping malls?

Wang Qiufeng explained that the product structure of new energy vehicles is different from that of fuel vehicles. Pure electric vehicles have no engine and gearbox, so the vehicle maintenance demand is reduced and the after-sales demand is reduced accordingly. In view of this, new energy vehicles have the same sales conditions as smartphones and computers, which promotes the diversification of sales channels of new energy vehicles. 4S stores still have demand, But it doesn't need that much anymore.

Ke fuming, for example, pointed out that the direct sales model of the 'Mustang mach-e' car just launched by Ford is comparable to the sales model of smart phones and computers.

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