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With the theme of "carbon neutralization", Zoomlion and sany have intensively released new energy pr

日期: 2021-12-03
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Under the historical trend of 'carbon peak, carbon neutralization' and the current background of China's new energy technology leading the world, the green dream of China's construction machinery is being reflected into reality. Recently, Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, Liugong and other construction machinery manufacturers have intensively released various electric products, marking the beginning of a new energy era for China's construction machinery industry. At the node where the domestic construction machinery market gradually enters the stock market, the electric construction machinery fully opens the incremental market space with better performance and economy.

'Green temptation' of construction machinery

At present, it is the trend of globalization that electric drive replaces fossil fuel drive. From the perspective of automobile sales in recent months, the penetration rate of electric vehicles in China's automobile market has exceeded 20%, and it is expected that the penetration rate of electric vehicles in China and Europe will exceed 40% in 2025. In the field of construction machinery, the electrification of forklifts and aerial work platforms has taken the lead, and the proportion of electrification of some industry leaders has reached nearly 50%. The electrification process of important construction machinery varieties such as concrete mixer, muck truck and excavator is also gradually accelerated. In the near future, electric small and micro engineering machinery is expected to comprehensively replace fuel products. Medium and large fuel engineering machinery will also be gradually replaced by electric products within 5 years, and the efficiency after replacement is expected to increase by more than 70%.

Zheshang securities expects that by 2025, the total sales volume of electric products for four types of engineering vehicles: concrete mixer, muck truck, excavator and loader will be 120000, with a penetration rate of 25%. This is the motivation and driving force for Zoomlion and other industry leaders to increase investment in new energy engineering machinery.

The electrification process of construction machinery may be faster than expected. As diesel vehicles and off-road mobile machinery are important sources of nitrogen oxide pollution in large and medium-sized cities, under the background of the goal of 'carbon neutralization and carbon peak', the central and local governments have issued policies to encourage, support and guide the development of new energy off-road mobile machinery. For example, Zhengzhou requires that all new concrete transport vehicles shall be pure electric vehicles from August 2021. Beijing, Taiyuan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places have also introduced similar policies.

Different from the policy driven new energy of household vehicles, compared with traditional fuel power, electric construction machinery has obvious advantages in service performance, pollution control and economy. The use performance of electric products is better than that of traditional fuel vehicles, and the handling, responsiveness and reliability are better.

Zheshang Securities said that assuming that the business cycle of the electric mixer is 5 years, according to the current sales price, a single electric mixer can increase the additional income of 250000-300000 yuan for the owner within the business cycle. According to the data of Sitai heavy industry, according to the calculation of working 16 hours per day, the pure electric loader can save 764600 yuan per year compared with the internal combustion engine, 3.823 million yuan of energy consumption can be saved in five years, the purchase cost can be recovered in 10 months at most, and the energy saving rate can reach more than 84%.

China has the most mature new energy industry chain in the world, which provides a solid foundation for the electrification transformation of Chinese construction machinery manufacturers. Although the world's construction machinery giants are also trying electric transformation, for example, caterpillar has launched electric loaders and forklifts. Volvo has launched excavator and loader products. Komatsu and Liebherr have also launched electric excavators. But this time, China's construction machinery manufacturers are in the first echelon of the industry and are ready to overtake on curves.

Intensive release of electric construction machinery products

Recently, a number of Chinese construction machinery manufacturers have held many powerful new energy equipment promotion activities.

On November 26, Liugong showed a variety of new products including pure electric solutions, driverless construction machinery products and smart mine system.

On the same day that Liugong displayed new energy products, Zoomlion held a press conference on new energy products and new technologies of carbon fiber composites. Zoomlion displayed 16 new energy products in 8 series and released the industry's first domestic carbon fiber boom pump truck.

Zoomlion's press conference is the largest new conference of construction machinery in the industry recently. The new energy engineering machinery displayed by the company includes the world's first pure electric vehicle crane 'Z Sila' launched in May last year, as well as the world's first pure electric pump truck, the world's first 60 meter hybrid pump truck, the world's largest 118 ton off-road pure electric wide body dump truck and other new products. The product line covers 8 series of cranes, pump trucks, mixer trucks, aerial work platforms, emergency equipment, mining machinery, mining machines and heavy chassis. It adopts a combination of pure electric, hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid power.

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