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A large number of new technologies and applications appeared at the 2021 Wuxi New Energy Conference

日期: 2021-11-09
浏览次数: 1

Giant 'photovoltaic tree', perovskite solar cells, new power system... At the 13th China (Wuxi) International New Energy Conference and Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as '2021 Wuxi New Energy Conference'), which opened on the 4th, a large number of leading enterprises participated in the exhibition, bringing new products and technologies in the fields of photovoltaic, energy storage, hydrogen energy, carbon neutralization practice and new energy vehicles.


A large number of new technologies and applications appeared at the 2021 Wuxi New Energy Conference

The picture shows the exhibition site of the new energy conference.  

A giant 'photovoltaic tree' has become the 'net red' of this year's Wuxi New Energy Conference, attracting many exhibitors to punch in. This 'photovoltaic tree' is a green ecological photovoltaic power generation system independently developed by science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. of the Eleventh Design and Research Institute of information industry electronics (hereinafter referred to as 'Eleventh technology').


A large number of new technologies and applications appeared at the 2021 Wuxi New Energy Conference

The picture shows 'photovoltaic tree'.

Xi'an technology is the largest integrated circuit engineering design institute in China. Its 'photovoltaic tree' can combine the photovoltaic power generation system with various bionic trees to form a multi-purpose power generation device with various functional combinations. It is a deepening application of the traditional photovoltaic power generation system. The applicable places are sightseeing park, commercial square, parking lot, both sides of the road, park green space, Smart Town Villa courtyard, etc.


According to different scenes and needs, 'photovoltaic tree' can also be designed into different shapes and colors, and can be combined with other intelligent facilities to further improve the technology and intelligent experience of the scene. The use of 'photovoltaic trees' can not only provide more green electric energy for cities, but also reduce smog and heat island effect.


A large number of new technologies and applications appeared at the 2021 Wuxi New Energy Conference

New products based on perovskite technology appeared.

As the conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon products approaches the bottleneck, perovskite technology is highly expected by the industry. At this year's Wuxi New Energy Conference, Wuxi local enterprise polar solar energy brought a series of photovoltaic products based on perovskite technology.


'Compared with crystalline silicon products, perovskite solar cells have the characteristics of low cost, exquisite appearance and short industrial chain. Compared with crystalline silicon products, perovskite solar cells have great advantages in carbon emission and energy consumption in the whole production process.' referring to the characteristics of new products, Yu zhenrui, President of polar light energy, said.


Yu zhenrui said that the relationship between perovskite and crystalline silicon is not 'you without me'. There is a lot of room for mutual cooperation between the two. Under the current market environment, the market share of the two will change with time.


The final result of the birth of new technologies and applications is to be applied to real life and benefit the people.


A large number of new technologies and applications appeared at the 2021 Wuxi New Energy Conference

State Grid exhibition area.

This year, the State Grid set up a special exhibition area at the 2021 Wuxi New Energy Conference to show the work of power supply companies in the construction of new power system, new energy business and promoting the realization of double carbon.


In May 2020, Jiangsu electric power company identified Wuxi as a pilot city of 'digital energy high intelligence' energy Internet. Under this background, State Grid Wuxi power supply company has built a demonstration project of new power system application - Zhutang comprehensive energy service station according to local conditions.


A large number of new technologies and applications appeared at the 2021 Wuxi New Energy Conference

Comprehensive energy station display.

Zhutang integrated energy service station integrates 12 urban public facilities, including substation, energy storage station, distributed Photovoltaic Station, prefabricated cold and heat supply station, smart street lamp, intelligent linkage unmanned patrol inspection, data center machine room, 5g micro station, electric vehicle charging station, electric vehicle exchange station, power exchange e station and self-service washing station. Tang Jun, chairman and general manager of State Grid Wuxi Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd., introduced that the service station integrates public service functions such as power transformation, energy storage, photovoltaic power generation and electric vehicle charging and replacement, realizes green energy, information integration and service sharing, and will better help the green and low-carbon development of urban agglomeration in the Yangtze River Delta.

2021 Wuxi New Energy Conference is hosted by China International Chamber of Commerce, Jiangsu Council for the promotion of international trade and Wuxi Municipal People's government. With the theme of 'new energy, new planning and new journey', it is held in the form of 'professional exhibition + high-end conference'. In terms of exhibition, more than 500 new energy enterprises participated in the 40000 square meter exhibition hall.

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