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First batch of three-quarter results announced, new energy vehicle industry chain profit

日期: 2021-10-09
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As of Oct. 7,117 companies had reported 2021 results. Of these, 96 companies expect a year-on-year increase in net profit, accounting for 82.05% in the first three quarters, with 50 companies expecting the largest increase in net profit of more than 100% .


In the pre-increase camp, the track stocks represented by the new energy automobile industry chain company and the periodic stocks represented by the steel and chemical industry are the most prominent -- the former excels at high growth and is extremely sharp; the latter is strong in absolute value.



New Energy Vehicles, electronics-led track shares increased


On the evening of October 7, DFD announced that it expected to achieve net profit of 718 million yuan to 738 million yuan in the first three quarters, up 5,173.71 percent to 5,320.61 percent year-on-year. Only in the third quarter, the company will achieve a net profit of 410 million yuan to 430 million yuan, to turn a profit.


DFD explained that the company’s new material product market demand, volume and price rise, profitability significantly improved. Data shows that the company’s new materials are mainly hexafluorophosphate lithium, electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, and so on. Since this year, the supply and demand of new energy vehicles, upstream materials collective price increases, hexafluorophosphate lithium is rising again and again, in short supply.


From upstream to downstream, the new energy automobile industry chain is in full swing this year, and related companies are reporting good news frequently. Five of the six companies that have announced results for the first three quarters are linked to new energy vehicles, up more than 10-fold from the same period last year.


Yan’an Bikang, for example, forecast net profit of 550 million yuan to 600 million yuan in the first three quarters, up 4207.51 percent year on year to 4599.10 percent. In the third quarter, the company achieved a net profit of 246 million yuan to 296 million yuan, a year-on-year profit. The company said that its subsidiary jiujiujiu technology new energy products were affected by the market demand, the release of production capacity, at the same time the market prices rose and other reasons, resulting in higher profits than the same period last year.


In addition to DFD and Yan’an Bikang, long-term lithium, double-ring transmission, sky shares are expected to return to the largest increase in net profit more than 10 times, respectively, 14.85 times, 14.48 times and 11.51 times.


Double-ring transmission said it expected to achieve net profit of 208 million yuan to 228 million yuan in the first three quarters, up 1313.03 percent to 1448.90 percent year-on-year. The company highlighted new energy vehicles in its earnings call. It said that the company’s strategic reserve and deep cultivation in the high-end gear field over the years have captured market opportunities, promoted the industry concentration (especially in the new energy vehicle drive system gear field) , and further highlighted the leading position of the industry, harvest a number of high-quality projects and enter a stable batch state.


So, too, is the electronics sector. On the evening of October 7, jd.com announced that it expected to make a net profit of 19.862 billion yuan to 20.062 billion yuan in the first three quarters, up 702 percent to 710 percent year on year. Jd.a said the semiconductor display industry as a whole had enjoyed a strong performance in the first three quarters, the company’s share of mainstream LCD applications had further increased, and its operating results had improved significantly from the same period last year.

Steel, chemicals and energy lead cyclical stocks to big profits
At present, has disclosed the first three quarters of earnings forecast companies, steel, energy, chemical and other cycle stock growth than the track shares, but the absolute value of its performance growth is encouraging.

Shougang shares on the evening of October 7, the company forecast the first three quarters of net profit of 5.64 billion yuan to 6.04 billion yuan, up 380% to 414% year-on-year. In the third quarter, the company achieved net profit of 2.207 billion yuan to 2.607 billion yuan, up 238% to 300% year on year.

The company said that it has seized the market opportunity to ensure stability, improve efficiency and control environmental protection, continuously optimize the product structure, enhance its core competitiveness, persist in tapping the potential of standards, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieve a significant increase in business performance; and complete the issue of shares to purchase assets, to enhance the capital Steel Jingtang Iron and Steel Joint Liability Company’s shareholding ratio, the company’s overall profitability further enhanced.

As with Shougang shares, Angang shares, Guanghui Energy, Sino-thai chemical, and a number of cyclical stocks have thrown at every one billion yuan of the first three-quarter profit expectations.

Guanghui energy is expected to realize net profit of 2.68 billion yuan to 2.73 billion yuan in the first three quarters, up 278 percent to 285 percent year on year. The company said bluntly that the quarter “Set a new quarterly high since the company went public in 2000”, and said that the rise in product sales and prices resonance.

On the one hand, the volume of LNG sales is expected to increase by about 32% in liquefied natural gas, while coal sales are expected to increase by about 91% , methanol can achieve sales growth of about 15% , coal-based oil can achieve sales growth of about 25% .

More important is the price, which has been rising sharply and rapidly this year. For example, by the end of the third quarter, the LNG market sales price had increased by about 126% year-on-year, the coal market sales price of various subcategories had increased by between 45% and 93% year-on-year, and the methanol market sales price had increased by about 139% year-on-year, the sales price of coal-based oil products increased by about 54% year-on-year.

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