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Grasp the opportunity of double cycle and new energy automobile, Chinese independent automobile bran

日期: 2021-10-08
浏览次数: 2

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 7(Lin Yingnan, Dong Shishan and Li Tangning) in recent years, China’s auto companies have taken advantage of the east wind, such as the double-cycle and the vigorous development of new energy vehicles, in the quality improvement, technological innovation, brand upward and other aspects of a lot of useful attempts, the results are remarkable.

Chen Xu, general manager of FAW Hongqi Automobile Sales Co. , Ltd. , said the fast-growing Chinese market and the rising auto industry are opportunities for Chinese auto companies, especially the change of domestic consumption environment, which is conducive to the development of independent brands. Through continuous investment in technology research and development, new red flag has improved the quality of its own brand products and further narrowed the gap with foreign car brands.

Sun Yijiong, deputy general manager of SAIC passenger car company, said that under the new double-cycle development pattern, the expansion of domestic demand has become the key, for the Chinese brands to collectively build up the home advantage.

“The most basic and important thing is to improve the quality of the car,”said Yin Tongyue, the party secretary and Chairman of Chery Automobile. Quality and brand is the lifeblood of the enterprise, never without quality scale, never without effective speed.”

Technical breakthrough is an important support for the brand. Li Yunfei, General Manager of the brand and public relations department of BYD Auto, said: “Only when we master the core technology, can our own brand really stand firm.”

The rapid development of new energy vehicle and intelligent network vehicle has provided the opportunity for Chinese own-brand vehicle to overtake on the curve. Zhou xingxing, deputy general manager of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile, said consumer acceptance of new energy vehicles has increased in recent years due to the development of new energy vehicles and the intensive implementation of favorable policies, this is a great opportunity for the development of Chinese independent automobile brands./n/nSun Yijiong said: “In the era of new energy vehicle development, the barriers to the traditional track are breaking down, all brands in the same new track, we all have unlimited possibilities.”

Chen Zhuo, deputy general manager of Chang’an automobile brand public relations department, said that intelligentization, electrification and digitalization have brought about the reshaping of the automobile industry, and digitalization drives the combination of consumer Internet and Industrial Internet, and the industry is connected directly with users, to speed up the construction of integrated development of the new industrial ecology, the value of the undervalued Chinese automobile brands will usher in brand renewal, the return of value, overtaking the perfect opportunity.

With the development of intelligent automobile industry, attracting the new generation of consumers has become the focus of many car companies to expand their brand influence. As Ted Lim, an international judge at the Autovison China Auto Creative Contest, puts it, carmakers should try to identify the factors that appeal to different car buyers in different markets and develop marketing strategies accordingly./n/nLi Peng, Vice President of Xiaopeng Auto, said that in an era of industry and industrial upheaval, Xiaopeng Auto insists on developing around intelligence, to create a fusion of perception, connectivity, high-level self-driving ability and vehicle OTA capabilities of the real smart car products, to attract young cool, quality, the future will become the backbone of the users.

Saic-gm-wuling Automobile has also made the rejuvenation of its brand an important strategy. Zhou Xing said that with the rise of Guopin brands, the trend of younger cars is becoming more popular and diversified, and the post-80s and post-90s generations have gradually become the backbone of car consumption. The SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile is moving in the same direction. From online to off-line, all and young user”play together”.

In August, GAC unveiled the new car during the China Joy Show in Shanghai, which has attracted young people. Yin Jie, head of Brand Relations at GAC, said the proportion of young consumers in the car market is increasing. With the increasing popularity of Chinese brands, the trust of the new generation of consumers to the quality of Chinese products has been enhanced, and the acceptance of independent brand cars has also been enhanced, and the independent brand has an unprecedented market opportunity.

Liu Yan, deputy secretary-general of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, said that the upward development of local brands in China has achieved stage results, and independent brands have steadily occupied about 40 percent of the passenger car market. In the next step, China’s auto industry needs to focus on the weak allocation of factor resources, weak core technology innovation, industry chain, Brand Value Competitiveness and other issues. In her view, relying on years of technological precipitation and technological innovation, “14th five-year”period, Chinese brands have met the conditions to meet the new round of competition challenges.

The automobile brand with the world influence and the world-class automobile enterprise are the symbolic characteristics of the automobile power. The Chinese automobile industry has already arrived at the time window of strengthening the brand and letting the world see the Chinese automobile brand. It is reported that under the guidance of the China Association of automobile industry, FUTUREGAR technology introduced the Auto Creative Festival and AutoVision Awards for the first time this year, and held the AutoVision China competition, aiming to build a channel for Chinese automobile brands to enter the World Auto Stage.

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