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Xinhuanet Xi 'an September 22nd (Reporter Zheng Xin) On 22nd, 2022 Qin Chuangyuan 6th International Silk Road New Energy and Intelligent Networked Automobile Conference was held in Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province. More than 100 experts, scholars and representatives of automobile enterprises attended the conference to discuss the deep integration and synergy between automobile and energy, transportation, communication and other fields. As an influential forum in the field of intelligent vehicles in Shaanxi and even the west, this one-day conference takes the theme of 'Network...
发布时间: 2022 - 09 - 23
Recently, the A-share market continued to fluctuate and adjust, and the popularity of institutional research rose rapidly. Wind data shows that since September, nearly 800 companies have been surveyed over a thousand times by institutions, which is almost twice that of the same period last month. From the perspective of specific industries, industrial machinery, electronics, chemicals, electrical components and equipment, biomedicine and other fields have become the focus of research. According to Wind data, as of press time on September 22nd, 798 companies in the current A-share market h...
发布时间: 2022 - 09 - 23
Recently, when I walked into Gansu Chongtong Chengfei New Materials Co., Ltd., huge wind power blades with a length of more than 80 meters were placed horizontally in the workshop, and the workers were busy in their respective posts in an orderly manner.'The production of wind power blades needs to go through more than a dozen processes such as laying, pouring, clamping and assembling. The company's wind power blade production line can produce 400 sets of wind power blades annually.' Han Xudong, director of comprehensive management department of Gansu Chongtong Chengfei New Materia...
发布时间: 2022 - 09 - 22
On September 20th, the 2022 World Manufacturing Conference was officially opened. As one of the special activities of this year's World Manufacturing Conference, Feixi's 'New Energy Vehicle Whole Industry Chain' special promotion meeting was held on the same day. With the theme of 'Building a closed-loop of the whole industrial chain and building a new highland of county economy', the promotion meeting was attended by enterprises related to the industrial chain of new energy vehicles from all over the country, and conducted in-depth exchanges around the industrial ...
发布时间: 2022 - 09 - 22
Recently, the reporter learned from the State Grid Gansu Electric Power Company that the single-day power generation of new energy in Gansu Province reached a record high on September 13th, breaking through 300 million kWh for the first time, reaching 306 million kWh, accounting for 53% of the total power generation of the whole network that day.It is understood that as of the end of July this year, there were 25 million kilowatts of new energy projects under construction in the province, with 32 million kilowatts of grid-connected installed capacity, a year-on-year increase of 31.7%. The inst...
发布时间: 2022 - 09 - 21
You have contributed a lot to the power station being put into operation as scheduled. It took only 13 days to complete the task of changing the power supply of the power station, which praised your construction speed and service … 'On September 17th, the new energy vehicle changing station of meihekou city Convention and Exhibition Center was officially put into operation. Zhao Jinliang, the person in charge of the changing station operation, told Xu Hongtao, a staff member of Tonghua Power Supply Company. This year, meihekou city plans to purchase 2,000 new energy vehicles. In June,...
发布时间: 2022 - 09 - 21
On the afternoon of September 16th, Yang Wu, deputy secretary of the State Party Committee and governor, presided over the second meeting of the Quanzhou New Energy Industry Development Leading Group in 2022, carefully studied and analyzed the distribution of the second batch of wind and electricity project construction indicators in the province, arranged the deployment of new energy base construction in Gannan Prefecture, and reviewed the preliminary work plan of photovoltaic project and matters related to regulation and regulation of pumped storage.The meeting discussed and approved the imp...
发布时间: 2022 - 09 - 20
With the goal of 'carbon neutrality' put forward, China's policies related to carbon emission reduction have been accelerated, and energy structure transformation is imperative. New energy industries including new energy automobile industry chain, photovoltaic and wind power have also entered a period of rapid development. In the face of the recent adjustment of the new energy hot track in the market, institutional sources said that they are still firmly optimistic about the huge development space of the whole new energy industry, and the long-term growth logic is still strong. Aft...
发布时间: 2022 - 09 - 20
Hot News / 热点新闻
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 42
The assembly shop is responsible for assemble parts into a completed unit. The production program indicates 30JPH. For interior decoration assembly line, 6800*4400mm skateboard line is adopted (better...
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 26
B1B2 compact coating technique, the most advanced technique at present, is used. Imported robots are employed in the plants with the automation rate of 90%. For colored paint, the plant uses eco-frien...
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 27
A mass production assembly line, imported robots from KUKA are used in the plant. Robotic automation in welding reaches 90%. Overhead EMS mechanized transport chains are adopted among the assembly lin...
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 20
It mainly manufactures the bodywork stamping parts. In the plant, there is one four-order high speed XL automatic closed stamping line and two underground waste lines. For open blanking production lin...
2017 - 12 - 25
点击次数: 52
Recently, auto-driving has become a heated topic. Soom after Beijing announced the first auto-driving law in the country, Baidu and Xiongan has partnered together to ‘do something big’, They announce ...
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