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News & info News
Recently, the ‘smart.cheap.servant’ service management system step up once again. The all media customer interaction center in the Nanjing A.E Auto Department of public relations passed the 4PS contact center international standard certificate. This passage of 4PS certificate means the customer center’s management and service level has reached international, standardize and systematic achievement. The value of customer center has raised.
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 05
Xinhua News Agency, Xi 'an, July 2nd: Promoting the High-quality Development of New Energy Industry and Promoting the Construction of New Power System —— The 2022 Key Survey and Observation of the All-China Federation of Industry and CommerceBuilding a new power system is an important step in China's energy green and low-carbon transformation. Entrusted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce has recently carried out key investigations on 'promoting the high-quality development of new energy industry and promoting ...
发布时间: 2022 - 07 - 04
As a key project to help Tianjin's 'manufacturing industry establish a city', the city recently added a 'super factory'-Lishen Binhai New Energy Industry Base Project was launched in Binhai High-tech Zone Marine Science and Technology Park, which will inject new kinetic energy into the high-quality development of Tianjin's new energy industry and new energy automobile industry.The project is Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. with a total investment of about 10 billion yuan and a land area of 870 mu, and plans to build a battery production base with an annual output of 24...
发布时间: 2022 - 07 - 04
BEIJING, June 30 (Xinhua) -- China will increase financing support for its major projects through policy-based and developmental financial instruments, a State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang decided on Wednesday.Offering such support, the country aims at boosting effective investment, employment and consumption, according to the meeting.
发布时间: 2022 - 07 - 01
HONG KONG, June 28 (Xinhua) -- The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), which celebrates its 25th anniversary on July 1, is set to write a new chapter in its success story with the strong support of the central government and the hard work of more than 7 million Hong Kong residents.In the past 25 years since Hong Kong returned to the motherland, development in the SAR has come along in leaps and bounds under 'one country, two systems.'Facts and figures speak volumes.In 2021, Hong Kong's economy grew to 2.86 trillion Hong Kong dollars (about 364 billion U.S. dollars), up f...
发布时间: 2022 - 07 - 01
China's largest carmaker SAIC Group has unveiled an electric car platform, the first of its kind among local carmakers in the world's largest vehicle market.The platform, called Xingyun, or Nebula, can be upgraded and stay compatible with future technologies.Using the platform, EVs will have a wheelbase from 2,690 millimeters to 3,100 mm in which batteries measuring 2,023 mm in length can be installed.The batteries can deliver a power range of 150-600 kilowatts and an energy matrix of 44-150 kilowatt-hours.The EVs are expected to achieve a range of 1,000 kilometers, according to Kang H...
发布时间: 2022 - 06 - 30
SHANGHAI -- Located in Southeast Shanghai, US carmaker Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is bustling with production activity as it has returned to full production capacity by early June following a disruption due to COVID-19 resurgence.The Tesla factory's return to normalcy is not an isolated case in east China's Yangtze River Delta, consisting of Shanghai and the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. Accounting for nearly a quarter of the country's GDP, the delta area plays an important role in sustaining China's steady economic growth.The Yangtze River Delta is a major au...
发布时间: 2022 - 06 - 30
Affected by the continuous high temperature, the electricity load in many places in the country has reached a record high recently. The head of the China Electricity Council said yesterday (June 28th) that the electricity supply and demand in the country is generally balanced, and the electricity supply in some areas is tight during peak hours.From January to May this year, the electricity consumption of the whole society in China was 3.35 trillion kWh, up by 2.5% year-on-year. Hydropower, wind power and solar power generation increased rapidly. Since June, the year-on-year growth rate of powe...
发布时间: 2022 - 06 - 29
Hot News / 热点新闻
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 41
The assembly shop is responsible for assemble parts into a completed unit. The production program indicates 30JPH. For interior decoration assembly line, 6800*4400mm skateboard line is adopted (better...
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 25
B1B2 compact coating technique, the most advanced technique at present, is used. Imported robots are employed in the plants with the automation rate of 90%. For colored paint, the plant uses eco-frien...
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 26
A mass production assembly line, imported robots from KUKA are used in the plant. Robotic automation in welding reaches 90%. Overhead EMS mechanized transport chains are adopted among the assembly lin...
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 19
It mainly manufactures the bodywork stamping parts. In the plant, there is one four-order high speed XL automatic closed stamping line and two underground waste lines. For open blanking production lin...
2017 - 12 - 25
点击次数: 51
Recently, auto-driving has become a heated topic. Soom after Beijing announced the first auto-driving law in the country, Baidu and Xiongan has partnered together to ‘do something big’, They announce ...
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