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Recently, auto-driving has become a heated topic. Soom after Beijing announced the first auto-driving law in the country, Baidu and Xiongan has partnered together to ‘do something big’, They announce that they will work together on ‘intelligent public transport+unmanned driving’. Intelligent transport will put into test in several cities first, so as to push forward auto-driving industry further.
发布时间: 2017 - 12 - 25
What We Learn About China’s Electric Vehicles Policies from the 13th National People's Congress? 2018-03-14Source from evpartner.com岳绍雪 The development of China’s electric vehicles (EV) is in the same synchronized level as all the other advanced countries. We are the world’s largest production and sales market in the last past 3 years. The total amount is more than 1.8 million EV, said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in March 5 during National People's Congress (NPC) session. He also said, at the present time, EV in China still lack core t...
发布时间: 2018 - 03 - 22
Source from evpartner.com by Yue Shao Xue In February 26, 2018, 5 departments of Beijing County jointly issued “The Promotion and Application of Electric Vehicle Administration Regulation in Beijing”(short as the regulation). According to the regulation, Beijing Commission will be responsible for guiding the promotion and application of electric vehicle (EV) enterprises and related products in the city, instead of being responsible for filing only. And there is no reference to the relevant contents of the record system either. Beijing might cancel the EV record system. The origi...
发布时间: 2018 - 04 - 10
“Electrification is the first half of the auto revolution, networking, intelligence and digitalization are the second half of the Auto Revolution, and chips and operating systems as the basis of digitalization will become the focus of competition,”Chen Qingtai, president of the 100-member Chinese Association of electric vehicles, said at the Third Global Conference on Supply Chain Innovation of new energy and smart cars recently.Chen Qingtai said that as a large-scale, innovative and active smart car market, China is constantly promoting smart car chip innovation.Although home-made chips can “...
发布时间: 2021 - 10 - 15
Japan’s Honda Motor Co. said on Oct. 13 that it will introduce its first electric car to the Chinese market next spring, foreign media reported.The report said Honda would accelerate electrification in China, the world’s largest car market, starting with electric sport-utility vehicles.All new models to be introduced in China after 2030 will be electric or hybrid, according to Honda. In April, Honda said that by 2040 all of its cars worldwide would be electric or fuel-cell vehicles. The introduction of electric suvs in China is seen as the basis for the company’s move to electric products.The ...
发布时间: 2021 - 10 - 15
Abstract: This report analyzes the global patent application trend, patent technology output and distribution area, main applicant and technology composition of thermal management technology of New Energy Vehicle Power Battery, to help enterprises master the patent layout of thermal management technology of power battery as a whole, and on this basis, summarize and put forward the patent early-warning mechanism and suggestions for overseas distribution of European market.In order to effectively alleviate the pressure of energy and environment, the new energy vehicle has been paid more and more...
发布时间: 2021 - 10 - 14
For Tesla, who is looking for the ultimate experience, the development of Tesla China is like a show of “Speed and passion”.Tesla China delivered a record 40,000 cars in August, only to be eclipsed by the September figures released at the end of the National Day holiday. The latest figures, released on October 12th, showed that Tesla China delivered a record 56,006 vehicles in September, up 27% month on month and 394% year on year. That’s the equivalent of putting a car into the hands of a customer every 46 seconds.“We are really encouraged by this performance,”said Tao Lin, Tesla’s global vic...
发布时间: 2021 - 10 - 14
China’s new-energy vehicle production and sales hit a record high of 353,000 and 357,000 in September, the China Association of automobile industry said Tuesday.In September, the new energy vehicle market continued to perform well, with both production and sales increasing month-on-month and year-on-year, and production and sales surpassing the previous month to record highs of 353,000 and 357,000, respectively, up 14.5% and 11.4% month-on-month, year on year growth was 1.5 times. Among the main categories of new energy vehicles, both pure electric and plug-in hybrid showed growth compared wit...
发布时间: 2021 - 10 - 13
Hot News / 热点新闻
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 40
The assembly shop is responsible for assemble parts into a completed unit. The production program indicates 30JPH. For interior decoration assembly line, 6800*4400mm skateboard line is adopted (better...
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 24
B1B2 compact coating technique, the most advanced technique at present, is used. Imported robots are employed in the plants with the automation rate of 90%. For colored paint, the plant uses eco-frien...
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 24
A mass production assembly line, imported robots from KUKA are used in the plant. Robotic automation in welding reaches 90%. Overhead EMS mechanized transport chains are adopted among the assembly lin...
2018 - 01 - 05
点击次数: 18
It mainly manufactures the bodywork stamping parts. In the plant, there is one four-order high speed XL automatic closed stamping line and two underground waste lines. For open blanking production lin...
2017 - 12 - 25
点击次数: 50
Recently, auto-driving has become a heated topic. Soom after Beijing announced the first auto-driving law in the country, Baidu and Xiongan has partnered together to ‘do something big’, They announce ...
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