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Recruitment Recruitment
Release Time: 2017-12-21
Number Of Recruits:1People

Graduated from higher Vocational and Technical School (vehicle related major is preferred, 1 year relevant work experience, fresh graduates are also accepted.

招聘职位:Production Preparation / Production Start
Release Time: 2017-12-21
Number Of Recruits:1People

Job description:

(1) according to the requirements of the whole vehicle project, formulate and coordinate the sample schedule of each department, promote the solution of the problem, and ensure the production of the project as scheduled.

(2) participate in the planning and implementation of the department's capability building, put forward the suggestions of revising, auditing and compiling to ensure that the capacity building can be carried out according to the plan, and that it has a practical and effective effect on the improvement of the staff's ability;

3) Participate in the planning and discussion of the department's cultural construction, to put forward specific needs and suggestions, to ensure that the cultural construction can be carried out in practice, to improve the employee's satisfaction, and to let the staff have a sense of belonging

(4) Complete the tasks assigned by the management on a temporary basis.

招聘职位:Project Management (engineer, Supervisor, Manager)
Release Time: 2017-12-21
Number Of Recruits:1People

Job Description : 

(1)Organize the project team to analyze and confirm the project objectives , and ensure that the company - level project indicators are feasible and effectively decomposed ;

(2) organize all departments of the company to prepare project plan at all levels to ensure that the overall project plan meets the project objectives;

(3) organize and use the existing resources in the company to ensure that the project resources meet the requirements of the project plan.

(4) create a cooperative atmosphere in each team inside the project. Make sure that all departments can fully cooperate

(5) Complete the tasks assigned by the management on a temporary basis.

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree in vehicle engineering, mechanical technology and automation;

More than 3 years working experience in automotive industry. At least participate on 1 vehicle model development previously. Be familiar with the whole vehicle development process. Possess the basic knowledge of car R & D, planning, quality assurance, purchase. finance, etc.

3) familiar with the company's related work processes, management system, understand the development direction and trends of the department; Vehicle development process; Vehicle project management scope management, personnel management, progress, quality and cost of nine modules; Familiar with automobile certification process; Key vehicle performance and market related information.

招聘职位:Deputy-director of workshop
Release Time: 2017-12-21
Number Of Recruits:1People

Job description: stamping, welding, painting, general assembly four major processes, 2 deputy directors for each department

Qualifications :

 (1) Bachelor degree or above ;

 (2) At least 5 years working experience in automobile and spare parts industry;

 (3)  field management ability.

招聘职位:Qualification Commissioner
Release Time: 2017-12-21
Number Of Recruits:1People

Job requirements: full-time national university graduate, 1-2 years of relevant work experience, professional is not limited.

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