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About Us 企业简介
About Us Company Profile

Nanjing Apollo  New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Manufacturing Ltd. (aka A.E Auto) is a subsidiary of Apollo Energy Automobile Industry. Located in the Nanjing Riverside Economic Development zone in Jiangning District, the company covers R&D, manufacturing and sales of the complete vehicle, power battery, electric motor, electronic control and spare parts.

The companies affiliated to Nanjing A.E Auto are: New Energy Special use vehicle Ltd., New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Institute, New Energy Special use vehicle Institute, New Energy Vehicle Marketing Ltd., A.E Auto Technology Ltd., New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Power Battery Ltd., New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Electric Motor Ltd., New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Electronic Control Ltd., New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Electronic Air Conditioner Ltd., New Energy Intelligent Vehicle In-car Accessories Ltd., Intelligent Vehicle Design Ltd., New Energy Vehicle Engineering Technology Ltd. and New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Project Construction Ltd.

The new energy intelligent vehicle sector is located on Jingming St in Nanjing Economic Development Zone. Its focusing areas are listed as follows: Strategic development planning and market arrangement of new energy vehicles; Complete Vehicle Development of new energy vehicles; the research and combination of key technologies; and the development, application, manufacturing and selling of key parts. New energy intelligent vehicles include mainstream passenger cars like SEDAN, COUPE, SUV, MPV.

   The new energy special use vehicle sector is located in Lishui St in Nanjing Economic Development Zone. New energy special use vehicles include delivery vehicles, postal vehicles, special vehicles (security transportation vehicles, police patrol vehicles, firefighting vehicles, cold-storage and cold-chain transportation vehicles), sanitation vehicles (electric sweeper, fast cleaning cars, garbage collectors and street cleaners), ground supporting equipments (tugs, tractors, transporters, passenger boarding stairs and lift platform cars) and other new energy special vehicles.

Aiming at building a first-class new energy vehicle enterprise and manufacturing world leading new energy vehicles, A.E Auto follows the state-of-the-art design concept of smart factory in the world in building an intelligent, automatic and advanced flexible vehicle production line. The core technology of the line consists of four major parts of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. New factories of Apollo Energy will assemble its international procurement based on German Industry 4.0. Substantial and intensive application of high-precision intelligent robotic devices is expected. And the automation proportion of the assembly line is expected to reach beyond 90%. This will also lead manufacturers of supporting products to form a new energy vehicle industry cluster at 100 billion.

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